Blogging in 2014

Bloggin In 2014

I've seen posts in the blogosphere that are more of a reflection of how bloggers feel about 2013 and what they have accomplished personally and on their blogs. I've also seen posts with reinvented strategies for coming up with New Year's resolutions be it just focusing on one word, a list of goals or classic resolutions. I'll be honest, I've avoided being tagged or coming up with posts that would make me either reflect on 2013 or find me needing to create actual goals for the new year. This might sound strange for some of my readers who are excessive planners or who like to create lists.

When I was growing up, at a very early age I was taking care of myself like a grown person; working and buying my own clothes and paying for my own personal bills; always planning and creating goals for my future and the next phase in my life. I honestly feel like up until I had my son, I was always planning for what was next and never stopping to just enjoy life and smell the roses. So, after he was born and I realized how fast time was going, and I also realized that if I was so busy planning for a future that I couldn't predict, I would plan my life away and never enjoy living it.

My goals for my life are simple: to live a life that is pleasing to God, to follow His plan and to accomplish His will for my life every day that I am living. All of my values and way of doing this are on His list of importance for me: be a stellar wife and mom that he created me to be, take good care of my home and my body. These goals really don't change from year to year so I'm sorry y'all but I don't have a new list to share with you :(. As far as the details are concerned with how I will maintain my health and take care of my family, I just like to take it one day at a time. It might sound strange that I don't have goals like "becoming a homeowner by 30," or "to visit this country or that," but I feel like me and hubby just like to let life happen. If we come across a situation where we are ready to buy for some reason this year, then we will. If we get a chance to go to a specific place for vacation, then we'll go. We love to decide on things as they arise because you just never know which way things will go.

This might give you all an idea of how spontaneous and just content with living life and seeing how it goes we really are: when my husband realized he had an opportunity to move to Arizona with his job, we decided on it the day he told me about it and we moved within the next 2 weeks, never looking back to NJ. Did we start off 2012 with a resolution to move across country? Nope. We just woke up one day and there was an opportunity so we decided to move. :) No worries! I love reading all of your goals and list of dreams and to do lists. For some people, this really helps to keep them focused and accountable among other reasons they might want to write their goals down. I'm just letting you guys know how I am as a person. I just concern myself with today because tomorrow has enough concerns for me to think about when tomorrow comes.

So what are my blogging goals for 2014? I just want to keep doing what I love doing: writing and interacting with all of you wonderful people. It's the reason why I created this blog in the first place. Making money with my blog has never been on my list of priorities. I sign up for opportunities here and there that interest me and I do things to grow my followings and my blog when I can, but my main goal is to just enjoy writing and getting to know you all. If I can make money while I'm enjoying those two things, that's just a bonus. :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year and I'm so looking forward to getting to know more bloggers and the ones I've already connected with even more! :)



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