Blogger's Block

3 years ago

Have you ever had that infamous trouble of Blogger's block? Obvious, it's much like writers' block. But, blogger's block is incredibly frustrating. 

You know. Getting up in the morning, looking on online, knowing that you're going to have to blog. But, you're trying to figure out what to blog about. You want to come up with something that you haven't done before. You want to write something that people can relate to and you want it to be something that is unique. 

Now this topic, isn't the most unique, but it is one of the most common problems that we face. Trust me, I have been reading blog after blog, googling tips on blogging and trying to figure out what you need to do, in order to solve this problem. So many bloggers talk about this and offer different tips of advice. For example, one blogger might say, write down a series of ideas throughout the week, that way you won't be at a lost for ideas. 

Then another might say, write down your posts the night before. While Ree says, "To just start writing!"  And based on her success as a blogger, it just might be best to take that advice. That's what Mom says, too. But, the question rises. Which one advice do you use? Do you use all of it? Or what? Sometimes, you just feel the pressure to be good. You just want to deliver a great post and you want to be able to push through. You want to be proud of your end result. 

But, in my mind, I have to ask a question. We all know that there are differences in being a Writer and a Blogger. As we've seen written in a great blog post here on Blogher, written by Kelly Louise.  But, which do you think is more intimidating? Writer's block or Blogger's block? I mean, the fact of the matter is, if your blog gets major traffic and lots of love from the readers, you could possibly get a book deal. Either way, you're sitting in front  of a screen or a notepad, hoping the muse will strike and inspiration will take over. 

How do you handle blogger's block? How do you handle presenting your blog posts, after dealing with a painful bout of block? What tips do you use? 

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