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7 years ago
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Interesting articles and newsfeed popped up repeatedly, from the same writer. By her output she was one busy gal, a blogger turned e-book  author. That piqued my interest. I e-met her and introduce her to you.  She had a long career, fulfilling life, and when she left work and while caring for her grandchildren during most days the message pushed her to write. Unlike others who are pushed by the desire to write,her message came first, writing was the means to transport it. Meet Deborah H Bateman, a woman with a passion and a message.

Deborah, thanks for taking time to chat, what brought you to the world of writing?Thank you Gail for interviewing me. You might say I began writing almost by accident, although I know now it was part of God’s plan for my life. About a year ago I joined Facebook, mainly to connect with my family and friends. I shared Bible Verses in my status as a way of encouraging my friends and family.

My husband told me about a Christian Internet Business program. I signed up and learned how to build websites and blogs. God just led me down a path and I followed it. I built my website: Christian Daily Resources. I also built my first blog. Daily-Bible-Reading.

Initially I shared scriptures and a very brief commentary. Those first commentaries were lucky to be a paragraph long. Gradually, I added content and detail. As my confidence grew I considered converting my Bible Studies to books. I took an Ebook course and the rest is history!      

What are you working on now? I am in the process of publishing my first E-Book called The Book of Ruth: A Story of Love and Redemption.

What is your favorite genre?  So far mostly I have written Bible Studies. I do have a recipe blog called “Recipe for Life” and just for fun have built a couple of Squidoo Lens. 

Which one of your pieces do you count as your best? I recently had an article published called “Seasons of Our Lives”. I was invited to write an article for the Women of Wisdom section of a Women’s Online Magazine called Living Better at 50+. The article was geared for that magazine, but it applies to everybody. We all go through different “Seasons of Our Lives”.

The life of a writer is described as ‘solitary’, how do you keep yourself connected to, and supported by, others? I connect with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, and other online sites. I attend our church’s Women’s Mission groups and a Bible Study group. I have joined several author groups on Facebook and Linked In. Recently I attended an author group in my local area. It was exciting to meet other Christian Authors.

Working at home gives me the freedom to keep three of my grandchildren several days a week.  We maintain frequent contact with our children and my brother and sisters.     

How do you keep enthused to write? I have a passion for the message. It compels me to write. There are days I not feel like doing it. If I was not passionate about the Message it would be hard to keep writing every day. The message drives me and I feel that what I am doing God called me to do.

What keeps you motivated? Knowing that people read what I write and that it may help them to either gain a closer relationship with God or to come to know Jesus as their Savior keeps me motivated. In turn that motivates me to keep studying which benefits me. I feel this is the ministry that God gave me to do, and I am doing it for Him.

What are your writing goals? The Book of Ruth is my first E-Book. I have others that I want to publish. Readers will be able to use them for their Bible Studies for years to come. I can pass the books down to my children and grandchildren, too.  

How do you plan to reach them? I will keep writing and do what I can everyday to move forward. I take one step at a time and will see where He leads me.

Do you have a regular routine for writing? If so, how important to you is having this routine and dedicated writing time? Yes, I write every day. I like to write in the mornings, but with my grandchildren in the home I have to stay flexible. In fact I am writing this post at almost 10:00 pm. That is probably because I had a cup of coffee earlier. Ha!

What is your advice for others considering launching into writing? My biggest advice is to make sure it is something that you are passionate about. Then you almost have to treat it like a job. You do it whether you feel like it or not. Treat it seriously as an avocation, or a calling.

If there is a message burning in your heart that I have not approached? I do not want to overlook your main life message. My message to my readers is, if you are a Christian, I hope that something you read on my blogs or website will help encourage you to have a closer relationship with the Lord. If you are not a Christian, I pray that some scripture that you read will help you realize your need for a Savior and you will turn your life over to Him. We are not promised tomorrow. I know that not everybody will become a believer in Christ but it is my desire to see every one of you in heaven. May God bless you all and thanks for your prayers and support!

Thank you Gael for inviting me to introduce my E-Book: The Book of Ruth: A Story of Love and Redemption, to your readers. The book launch date is November 15, 2011. We are planning to have many prizes so make sure to join the celebration!   To follow the events for The Book of Ruth check out my new website: Deborah H. Bateman-Author at

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