Blogger Etiquette 101: A guide to Manners

7 years ago

It is really too bad there isn't an Emily Post book of blogging, but there is not.  Sure, if you look hard enough and search Google long enough, you will find plenty of articles that tell you the etiquette of blogging.  And, I am sure that what I am going to reveal in this post is nothing new, but I have noticed that so many bloggers have bad manners, so a reminder seems in order.

Blogger Etiquette 101: A guide to blogging manners

1.  It is such bad manners to speak rudely of others on your blog.  If you have that much hate, seek therapy.

2.  It is such bad manners to leave nasty comments.  Didn't your mother teach you the golden rule...if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all?

3.  It is such bad manners to not respond or acknowledge comments with either an email or a visit back to that persons blog.  You may not want to follow them, but at least give them a nod that they took the time to read what you wrote and comment on it.

4.  It is such bad manners to copy other peoples material and repost it as your own.  If you can think of your own words, then at least have the decency to ask permission to use theirs.

5.  It is such bad manners to have music playing on your blog.  Perhaps the music that you are playing is not to your readers liking?  Let the reader play their own music, and turn yours off.

6.  It is such bad manners to write long posts with no paragraphs.  It takes time to read blogs, respect others time.

7.  It is such bad manners to not make sure your links are working.  It takes half a minute to do a preview of the post and click on the links.

8.  It is such bad manners to have pages that take so long to load that eventually the reader gives up and click the red x in the corner.  Less is more.

9.  It is such bad manners to have on your word verification if you are using the Blogger platform.  This does not stop spamming, it just irritates the commenter.

10.  It is such bad manners to make fun of other bloggers on your posts.  Bullying isn't nice, even in cyber space.

Next time you are getting ready to read, write or comment, come back to this post and review some of the Blogger Rules of Etiquette.  I promise, you will have  a much better blogging experience in the end.



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