Blogger Diarrhea

9 years ago

I had
a friend in school who liked to talk a lot.  Oh how 'K' loved to talk. 
It didn't matter where she was or what she was doing, you would hear
'K' talking.  Loudly.  I can't remember for the life of me all the
things 'K' used to talk about because I learned to tune her out about
the second week of meeting her.

One day in math class 'Mr. Z' closed/slammed/tossed his big thick
math book so hard it actually bounced off the desk and landed in the
trash can sitting beside his desk.  It also made the entire class jump
in their seats.  Except 'K'.  'K' didn't notice because she was too
busy talking.  Startled, I looked up to see Mr. Z's face a lovely shade
of red and a look of frustration like I had never seen in the two years
I had Mr. Z for math.

Exasperated, he told my friend 'K' to "Please be quiet. 
PLEASE 'K'.  PLEASE!  I am begging you to give it a rest already.  To
be quiet.  To rest your tongue.  To SHUT.   UP!  As long as I've been
on this earth I have NEVER heard anyone talk as much as I've heard you
talk.  I swear, I think you have a bad case of verbal diarrhea!"

I?  Laughed my pants off because I was immature and thought the words verbal diarrhea
were hysterical.  My friend 'K'?  Brought it down a notch after that
and only continued to talk for about 89% of the time instead of the
usual 120% of the time.  And Mr. Z continued to be quite frustrated
with 'K' for the rest of the semester.  As a matter of fact he was
frustrated with the entire 'K' family because 'K' told me when he tried
talking to her mother and father about how much 'K' talked in
class....they talked all over him and didn't let him get a word in. 
They said he frustrated them.  *snort*

Of course this was back in the day when teachers could actually talk
to a student like that.  You know.  Ask them...beg them...plead with please be quiet.  Or 'shut up', but in an exasperated I will
kill myself if you don't shut up, kind of way.

Unlike today when the teacher would be brought up on charges for
hurting little Sally's feeeeeeeeelings for saying she has verbal
diarrhea.  Even though little Sally definitely does have verbal
diarrhea and most likely has verbal diarrhea because little Sally's
parents have never told her the world does not always revolve around
her.  So you know.  When little Sally gets out in public, she has no
manners and doesn't know how to listen because if it's not about her
then it must not be important.  And I?  Want to smack little Sally's
parents right upside their head for raising such a self absorbed rude
little human being.

Um.  Where was I?  Right.

Much like back then, I tend to surround myself today with people who
talk a lot.  Hence why I married Gregg.  Ha.  Anyway.  I like it that
way.  Contrary to how I go on and on....and on...on my blog, in person
it can be a whole other story.  One-on-one I'm not bad, add more then
say, four people and I'd be the mute sitting in the corner happily
watching and listening to people.

So when I saw this little 'test' on Pensieve's blog
quite some time ago, I jumped at the chance to take it.  Ok I actually
saved it for a rainy day and today happens to be raining.  That and I
jumped on it today because I can't get my Flip to work to download the
fun weekend on the river boat I had so instead of throwing my Flip
against the wall I am meditating and doing tests like this to calm
down.  Otherwise I will likely FLIP out.   OOOOooooommmmm

For some strange reason, even though I know I go on and on and
on...and my posts, I thought maybe the percentage would be much

Not 294% longer?!  Wow.  I have no words to say what I'm feeling
about that.  Which is probably good because I could probably hit an
even 300% if I kept going.

Do you talk too much in your blog?

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