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Blog Day 2007It is BlogDay 2007, a day to focus on five blogs that I normally would not encounter, that are out of my primary area of interest -- in essence, "new stuff". I wondered how to begin. I started by clicking the "next" tab on my own blog - but I ended up on a blog in a language I don't understand, so that ended that gambit. Then I went to a blog of someone I read occasionally and clicked on a blog in her blogroll. That gave me one. Then I started randomly hunting for things that caught my fancy, typing words like "violet" into Google's blogsearch,or just running down a stream of clicks from likely blogrolls. I have burned up a trillion hours in happy pursuit, and have wandered into men's blogs about fishing for trout, collections of impassioned adolescent poetry, family blogs with pictures of family reunions

1. OK, since this event is supposed to feature blogs I would normally not encounter, here is one that is definitely in that category - It is called Cute Overload.
Enough said

2. One of the new sites I stumbled across was a just-launched site from India called Ultra Violet Young feminists in India have started a site to discuss issues related to feminism in India. They state:

Despite the onset of MTV culture in some areas, sexual rights remains an area shrouded in mystery and suspicion. Many women still do not have knowledge or awareness about their own bodies. Sex education is denied in schools and girls grow up largely ignorant of both the pleasures and the perils of sex. Alternative sexuality is still largely unacceptable and lesbians face horrifying levels of social stigma and discrimination.
Ultra Violet will give voice to what young Indian feminists feel about life in these times. It will be an interactive space for us to discuss feminism in the context of its relevance to our lives. It will be a place where we talk about the things that are important to us — both in our personal lives and in the larger world around us — and the ways in which we can react, respond, negotiate or protest.

3. I am a bit of a cook, but I don't spend much time at all reading any food blogs other than the ones on BlogHer. I wandered into this one today and loved the ease of so many pictures. Ree at The Pioneer Woman Cooks offers up step by step photos of the whole process of creating a dish so I can see what it is supposed to look like through the process. I loved her recipes for
Peach Crisp with Maple Cream Sauceand found myself wanting to buy a grill just so I could make Jalapeno Poppers for the grill

4. Julie Zickefoose is a birder, a writer, an artist, a public speaker, an NPR commentator and teh daughter-in-law of the ffounders of "Bird Watcher's Digest". I mention this relation because by happy accident I actually met the founders years ago and spent a bunch of time with them -- back when Julie's husband was a tyke. Julie also has a splendid pet whose chronicles are recounted in words and pictures, Chet Baker, an adorable Boston Terrier full of pluck and character. Julie says of herself :

Forty-something mother of two, emphatic Leo. Writer, NPR commentator,watercolor painter. I live with my husband and two kids on 80 acres of Appalachian woodland.

5. An unnamed female blogger and photography student has posted a site with work that leaves me breathless and longing. I want to pry open the pictures and step inside, just to feel them around me. Views of the Northeast is also worth a return visit. The artist says of herself:

I’ve always been attracted to images that seem to carry that shadow reality just beyond the surface: the weight of unknown things and the awareness of forces in motion that are older and stronger and unconcerned with where I might happen to be standing.
For me the landscape offers up mysteries like messages from another country. I feel as if I’m mapping fragments of some larger place that surface unexpectedly in the everyday. In the photographs I can peer across a great divide at a world that is busy thinking its own thoughts and doing unknown things. This is a world before words, where the unknown is just on the other side and the light is always on the edge of fading. It recalls the mingled wonder, expectation and uneasiness of my childhood where secrets could appear at any moment, although their meaning might never be explained.

This has been a fun romp through the blogs -- worth doing more than once a year !!

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