Blend the Power of Making Personal Connections Online and in-Person

6 years ago

We continue our six part series on Brand Power.  Are you building it! What’s your X, It, Wow. 

How do you define your brand and what are and all the things that you do, the branding, to put yourself out there to get noticed, stand out and engage business.

Here is part one, “3 Keys to A Brand That Stands Out” and part two, “Your Brand is You, Your Branding is You in Action”.  

We live, work and play no in two distinct worlds now, that we must learn how to blend, balance and work together in: online and in person.
In part three, let’s look at how leveraging and blending these two equally important worlds can greatly enhance your reach, connections and the quality of your relationships.

I have grown up in the business world working and interacting directly with people, mostly face to face for many years. I enjoy it, I look forward to it and I still say that’s where the magic happens in relationships.

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In the past few years, so much emphasis and shifting has gone to the web and online world because this is where the growth and trends are.

If I meet you online and strike up an online relationship that has value and interest to me, then taking it offline is the only way  to grow that relationship and help it progress. If we meet in person, then staying connected online is going to enhance our relationship and help it progress until we are able to meet in person again.

We can never forget how important and powerful people getting together for face-to-face interaction can be. Nor can we allow sending e-mails or texts to replace that interaction. Blending your online and offline activities is important because today, people are communicating and engaging equally in both places. The online and offline worlds are interdependent and interrelated.

Face-to-face networking is so important because it accelerates relationship building, finding common ground through conversation and making important decisions on the spot. Nothing beats the personal energy and impact of eye contact, a smile, a hug, handshake and engaging in a face to face conversation.

Recently I read an article in a business publication that posed the question: Are virtual relationships real relationships?

Those who don’t spend a lot of time engaged online and on the web think this is ridiculous. Those who are engaged and invested online and on the web as an integral part of their daily business will tell you, those ‘virtual relationships’ have led to some of the most valued connections and relationships they have made in life and business.

They are very real. Here are five key ones that I have made online that I have taken offline with amazing benefits.

Tory Johnson is the founder of and, ABC’s Good morning America Workplace contributor. We met on Twitter and Facebook. I attended the inaugural Spark and Hustle conference in July 2010 in Atlanta. She agreed to put her profile in my book and provided the cover quote. I have spoken at and attended the Orlando and Atlanta Spark and Hustle events and I was invited to present for her national Virtual Job Club program!

Anita Campbell is the founder of top web business site and one of the top women in business who has been featured on many key lists! She has been a guest on my radio show; spoke at my March 2011 Women’s Business and Leadership Conference and I am writing regularly for her site! She also gave me a wonderful endorsement for my book.

J.T. O’Donnell is the founder of top 5 career blog, who I met on Twitter and LinkedIn. I write regularly for her site and have had her on my radio show several times. She did the forward for my book and I will be doing regular Careerealism TV segments with her.

Dan Schawbel is founder of the top, who I met through other virtual friends on LinkedIn and Twitter. I wrote a guest post for his blog and he then invited me to join his blog team and write weekly. I was nominated by my peers for the Personal Brand of 2011, an award he started in 2007.

Back in April of this year, Blogher’s Syndication Editor Rita Arens contacted me about syndicating a post on Blogher she had seen of mine on another site. That door has led to me to speaking at the Blogher 2011 Conference and writing more regularly for Blogher under the career section.

How did this all happen?
The power of taking and making personal connections online to offline and offline to online! Yep, that is how we do it today.

Virtual is the bridge to where amazing people are connecting and finding each other.
In Person is the place where the relationship magic will always happen!

Are you blending and leveraging these two worlds to build brand power? Take advantage of this huge portal to connect and meet people who you may never have an opportunity to meet anyway or anywhere else.


Deborah Shane
Author | Media Host | Speaker | Business/Career Specialist

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