Beware of Fake Life Coaches & So Called Spiritual Gurus

3 years ago

So, here's how the relationship began via email:

Hi Tim,

I checked your site and see they have made design improvements, not to my exact specifications, but it does look far more like a site for a spiritual life coach now.

I really appreciate your kindness the day we spoke. It was lovely of you to offer to do a bit of complimentary counseling. The thing is, I'm not a novice at this. I've been studying mindfulness for over 15 years. I've read several of Abraham Hicks books based on the Laws of Attraction. I've read Wayne Dyer, TD Jakes, "The 4 Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz, "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho . I'm currently reading "The Power of the Subconscious Mind", and a host of others. I believe that we have the power to make our lives what we envision.

I fall off at times, but I do meditate. I normally use The Gayatri Mantra while holding crystals that represent the 7 chakras. I understand, although I don't always practice, the power of thankfulness.

I feel close, but always lose connection, like I just need to fine tune my alignment with the Universe. I write a Blog , where I partner with PR agencies to review films, interview actors, directors, producers, cover Philly events as press, have access to film festivals, I even have Blog contributors who write for me. I LOVE it, but in almost 6 years, I have not been able to make it what I do. I want this more than anything, it's exhausting working a full-time job and trying to keep things not only going, but improving with this side business. I suffer from an ailment where if I try to do too much for long periods of time, like the last couple of months, my adrenaline system goes off the charts and starts wreaking havoc with my immune system and creates painful lactic acid in my joints.

I don't like my job, you were nice, but mostly we deal with disgruntled, complaining people who are livid about billing issues, disappointed with the service etc...and our salaries are just above minimum wage. It's a really negative space. And an exhausting commute from my home. Which is the positive in my life, my sister and I just recently moved in together to save money and we found the perfect place, so close to Center City which is where I've wanted to be for a long time. I spend a lot of time in the city because of my blog and it's nice to finally get this part of my life right.

Abraham Hicks says you can't get to a good place from a bad place, that you have to stop paddling upstream and let the Universe take you downstream. I want this. I don't want to be in a bad place, but I always HATE these types of jobs, I need more flexibility in my day. I am not aligned with my true self working in a 9-5 environment, it saps my energy, health and positive outlook on life. I want to figure a way out of this horrible rat race. I don't know if there's anything you can suggest to get me over this hump.

Perhaps it's just not possible, I'm severely in debt and can't afford not to work, don't have a husband or boyfriend... Anyway, since you offered, I thought I'd reach out and take you up on your kind offer.

Best regards, Le Anne

His response:

I just got back from vacation yesterday and am just catching up. I'm honored that you think I could be of assistance to you. Let me know when you will be available, Sat. would be good for me, since I'm off.

Give me a call and let me know when we can get together, either I'll come to you or we can talk on the phone. But remember one thing , you have to be 100% committed to removing what it is , that is standing in your way. And we're going to be talking about The Power of Belief! And how important it is ! Ok?

And I can introduce you to some other things as well! In the mean time I'll be putting together some content so we can change it to the way I need it to be, ok? Hope to hear from you soon!



So how did this positive exchange turn into something kinda ugly?

Eventhough we clearly established this would be a non-gratis arrangement, he immediately asked me for payment at the end of our second session.

Here's the begining of our conversation via text:

Tim: Hey I was thinking about what you said about what I would want in payment. What would you like to give me, pray tell? Whatever you think it's worth to you, give to me what you think would be a good payment, OK? Whatever it is it's OK with me - 10:53

Tim: What if I would have said I would like a sexual favor? Would you? - 10:59


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