Bet You Can't Guess What It Is

6 years ago

Lots of people have top ten lists of presents to buy.  The presents I bought are alright, but the wrapping jobs I did are even better.  Here in no particular order are ten that have appeared in recent years under my tree.

1.  Two hoodies shoved into a pair of pantyhouse and then wrapped in green glittery paper as legs. 

2.  A dvd wrapped in traditional Christmas paper with eight empty pop cans duck-taped around the exterior.

3.  A skirt rolled into a long-sausage shape and wrapped.  Then tied into smaller sausage-sized quarters with ribbon (for Vegan girl).

4.  A t-shirt in a zip lock bag frozen in a tupperware of water, wrapped in traditional paper.  (This one isn't under the tree, but in the freezer.  It will come out just minutes before the gift giving happens.

5.  A CD taped under a bed with a box wrapped under the tree that contains the first of many clues (scattered around the house) to the actual present.

6.  A pair of earrings "sunk" into a jar of jelly, in a gift bag.

7.  A book wrapped in tin foil and completely wrapped and thus sealed in duct tape.

8. A pair of concert tickets hidden in the middle of a fruit cake, wrapped in that kind of cellophane that those people use.  (She was convinced it was just a fruit cake.  I had to bribe her to actually open it rather than throw it out).

9.  Three pairs of underwear shoved into the tubey part of rolls of toilet paper, each of which are then wrapped as individual gifts.

10.  A gift card inserted into the biggest box of macaroni you can buy, wrapped with a jar of tomato sauce.

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