The Best Tweets of 2010

7 years ago

2010 is wrapping up, so it's time to revisit the best tweets of 2010: the funniest, the most news-worthy, the awe-inspiring, or the just-plain-bizarre.

Created Action

Kevin Smith used Twitter to voice his concern about the way he was treated on a Southwest Airlines flight and Catherine Connors tweeted about how AirCanada broke her nephew's wheelchair on the way to BlogHer'10. Both stories show the power of social media, and how many people can now be reached in an incredible short amount of time, with the power in the hands of the tweeter.

Made Us Laugh

The Real Lord Voldemort (get that Dark Lord a verified account!) made us crack up and Shit My Dad Says laughed all the way to the bank with a book deal and television show made from his Twitter feed.

Controversial Education

Angie Jackson live-tweeted her abortion
, pointing out that she is doing it for every woman out there who is scared and trying to collect information before she goes through the same thing. She also made a few YouTube videos to give herself more space to speak about the experience.

Married Over Twitter

Stephanie Sullivan and Greg Rewis got engaged over Twitter in 2008, therefore, it made sense to say their "I do"s over Twitter as well, which they did in March, allowing everyone to follow along via their #tweetwed hashtag.

News Events Broke

The Discovery Building hostage situation broke on Twitter, pointing out that while there is still a place for mainstream media, there is also a need for quick information to go out via social media.

A Botched Tweet Becomes the Word of the Year

Sarah Palin used the word "refudiate" in a tweet -- which she deleted when people started mocking her for thinking it was a real word -- but then New Oxford American Dictionary made it the word of the year, so who got the last laugh?


And wait, forget about single tweets; the most enormous Twitter news of 2010 was about Twitter itself. The Library of Congress announced that every tweet was now archived, which means that Sarah Palin's refudiate, Angie Jackson's abortion, and Kevin Smith's rant are all being held for posterity. So think twice before you vent your spleen on Twitter.

What About You?

But there's no possible way one person could find all the best tweets and stuff them into a single post, so now we open the comment section to YOU. Tell us your favourite tweet -- either one you wrote or one that someone else said -- from 2010. Especially post the best tweets from citizen Twitters rather than just Tweeting celebrities.

Make sure you also let us know which tweets in the comment section you like the best by hitting that sparkle button. And don't forget to check back over the course of this week to see what other tweets people thought were the best of 2010.

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