Best tool ever to list and find political blogs? Try it - search by state, political party and name. Add yours now!

9 years ago

Do you write or read political blogs? Do you hunt for new ones by state and/or party? Have we got the widget for you:

Get the BlogHer Guide to Political Bloggers (300px width) widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox!

We're excited to announce our latest project, BlogHer's Guide to Political Bloggers, brought to you by BlogHer's politics team and our friends at Cerado. While we love the many blog-lists that abound of amazing political blogging by women, we got tired of trying to guess which state bloggers are from and/or which party they're in or leaning toward. That's why, as a non-partisan guide to women who blog, BlogHer has developed a widget that you can instantly categorize your blog in and find other bloggers. You can:

* Search by state
* Search by blogger's first or last name
* Search by political party using our color key:
Blue = Democrat
Green = Green
Gray = Undecided
Khaki = Libertarian
Orange = Independent
Purple = Other/Multiparty
Red = Republican

This guide is incredibly easy to use --both to list your blog and then to post on your blog, too. We've pre-loaded it with a few bloggers we know, but hey -- we don't want to make a mistake about where you live and what you think! So rather than pour all 700-ish blogs from the BlogHer Politics blogroll into the mix, we think it's better if you add your blog. Here's how:

How do I add a blog?
A: Click the "Add Yourself" link and answer the questions. You'll be added as soon as you publish!

How do I edit or remove a blog listing?
A: Please email and put "Guide to Political Bloggers" in the subject line.

How do I put the guide on my site?
A: Go to for more info. (As you'll see, you can download a skinny sidebar widget that's 160x600 pixels or a square widget that's 300x250 pixels.)

How do I reach political bloggers in the guide?
A: Click on a blog name to go to that blog's homepage.

How do I read the guide on my iPhone?
A: Go to for info.

What powers this widget?
A: You. Go add yourself already! And our friends at Cerado, who built it for us using Cerado Ventana (tm).

We hope you're as excited as we are -- this is just one more way in which BlogHer is trying to put the question "Where are the women bloggers?" to rest forever, and to get the word out about what all of you are doing.

So tell us - what do you think of it? What would you do differently? What should our next widget be about?

Really looking forward to your feedback...and a special shout-out to the team who worked so hard on this: BlogHer's Denise Tanton, Morra Aarons-Mele, Erin Kotecki Vest and Cerado's Chris Carfi and Sarah Dopp.

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