The Best Time of Day to Post on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest

5 years ago

Ever wonder when, in general, is the best time of day to post on Facebook in order to have your status update read? What about the best time to tweet? There will be individual exceptions to the rule, for instance, if all of your friends are insomniacs, but Social Media Today posted an infographic covering the best time of day to post on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest in order to have the most eyes on your post.

While this infographic will give you a great base to build from, it is definitely not the answer for every business. When determining when to post on social media make sure to consider your customers, your product or service, and the types of messages you are posting. For example, the ideal time for a local bakery to post on Facebook is most likely very different than that of a national brand. In addition, if the majority of your customers live on the east coast and your company is based on west coast, you will want to post on LinkedIn before and after their workday, not yours.

Click over to see the infographic.

Are you already putting updates in the best time to post for each site?  Will you shift your posting schedule now that you've seen this information?

Image: Earls37a via Flickr

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