The Best Salem Witches Ever!

Today, Mama & I visit Salem, Massachusetts. Salem was founded in 1626.  Somehow, our first stop in Salem was the Downtown Cemetery where most of the Salem Witches were buried. It was a real popular site. I met lots of nice people and got to run around and check out the place.

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Next, we follow the red line painted on the sidewalks and streets that lead us to the Derby District.  There we find the US Customs House and Derby Wharf. 

Once a booming trade center, Salem Wharves became obsolete as the shallow draft bay could not accommodate the larger ships of the 1900's.

Derby Wharf… “is now burdened with decayed wooden warehouses, and exhibits few or no symptoms of commercial life; except, perhaps, a bark or brig, half-way down its melancholy length…”  

-          Nathaniel Hawthorne, “The Custom House” introduction to The Scarlet Letter, 1850

Following the red line further, we walk through the historic downtown to the Hawthorne Visitor Center where the House of the Seven Gables and Hawthorne’s house of birth resides. Hawthorne’ Birth-house was actually relocated to its current location to save it from demolition back in 1958. 

Mama says that I’m her little angel. That’s what her Mama use to tell her when she was little.

Mama’s interested in the topic of “affluence.” Mama finds Web Definitions by Googling:


noun /ˈaflo͞oəns/ 

-          The state of having a great deal of money; wealth

  • o   a sign of our growing affluence

-          abundant wealth; "they studied forerunners of richness or poverty"; "the richness all around unsettled him for he had expected to find poverty.


Interesting terminology, “had expected.”


-          an affluent person; a person who is financially well off; "the so-called emerging affluents"


-          (affluent) having an abundant supply of money or possessions of value; "an affluent banker"; "a speculator flush with cash"; "not merely rich but loaded"; "moneyed aristocrats"; "wealthy corporations"


-          (affluent) feeder: a branch that flows into the main stream

Mama & I like the thought that an affluent or affluence flows into the main stream, creating larger flows of water or wealth for many more to partake of. Water, after all, is the source of life.


We feel that emulating affluence creates affluence. So enjoy affluence. Emulate it in your interactions with others. Appreciate it in others. Be Affluence Now. Thank you all for visiting!


And thank you Martha Stewart!


Next blog, we explore the Hawthorne Visitor Center in Salem, Massachusetts. See you then and thank you all for following The Darla Chronicles. Have a wonder-filled day!!

If I were a genie and could grant you three wishes, would you pay me 10% with all your riches?

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The Best Salem Witches Ever!


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