Best plants for clean air

8 years ago

I just read an interesting post on Apartment Therapy, which described the best three plants everyone should have in their home or office. The post is entitled "Hot Tip: The Best Plants for Indoor Air Quality," and offers advice from Indian researcher Kamal Meattle.

According to Meattle, he developed allergies in his home in Delhi, India 17 years ago, and has been working on ways to improve the air quality for the past 15 years. As a result, he has been discovered, though his work at the Paharpur Business
Centre, that three main types of plants are used to significantly improve air quality.

The plants include Areca Palm (or Chrysalidocarpus lutescens), which work to clean the air during the day; Mother-in-Law’s Tongue (or
Sansevieria trifasciata), which convert CO2 to O2 at night; and
Money Plants (or Epipremnum aureum), which help filter out formaldehyde and other Volatile Organic Compounds.

According to the AT article, you should round up about 4 shoulder-high Areca Palms and 6 to 8 waist-high plants per person for the Mother-in-Law's Tongue. They don't specify how many Money Plants would be optimal, but I get the feeling that the more the better.

The Indian government says that Meattle's science works, having rated his office as the most healthy building in Delhi. After just 10 hours in the building, studies have shown, workers' bodies actually work much efficiently, and many breathing issues are much reduced.

Want to learn how to grow your own fresh air? Check out Meattle's video on TED to learn more about greening your own environment. This technique works both at home and at the office, and these plants are super easy to find and take care of. According to Meattle, you could even lock yourself indoors with these plants and live on the air these plants create, plus it's great for helping people with reduced productivity and health issues of all kinds. How cool is that?


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