The Best Drive to Monterey Ever!

Today was our first day on the road to Monterey. But first, I had to play with the neighbor kitty, Loki. He’s usually pretty nice to me. He likes to play with my leash but I think he likes to play with me too.

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Then Daddy drives while Mommy and me take a nap; I like Daddy’s lap best for napping. He’s so soft and warm. We take our first rest stop at the Kalama River Park in Kalama, Washington. I get to play on the beach, meet some nice people sitting on a park bench, and we see a ginormous military ship traveling up the river!

Next, we recharge at a beautiful rest stop in Albany, Oregon with delicious smelling roses. Daddy takes me for a walk in the grassy area. Thank you Daddy!

Mommy made us some pickled eggs to eat on the way so we don’t get too hungry. I think I like pickled eggs and multigrain chips! Mama wanted me to tell you that she doesn’t let me eat human food very often, but I sure like it. Thank you Mama!

 We stop in the shadows of Mount Shasta for the night, under a full moon in a little town named Dunsmuir.

Did you know: Some people say the Lumarians live deep within the mountain there.  Mt. Shasta is said to have some of the best drinking water in the world. The Oracle Star, an online magazine, says that “Mount Shasta is the most widely known sacred site of California. Towering above the Cascade foothills, Shasta is surrounded by five glaciers that hold it in place. This sacred mountain emits such a strong energy pattern, that satellite photos show an atmospheric hole over its peak. Because of the strong geophysical forces within the mountain, there are steam vents, hot and cold springs, purification sites, electrical centers and caverns that have been used as power spots by the indigenous natives for hundreds of years. Many types of phenomena occur on and near Mount Shasta, as this mountain exhibits strong frequencies that create light shows.”

Tomorrow, to Monterey or bust!

Thank you for visiting my blog and have a great day!

Love you all!


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