The Best Cape Cod Videos Ever!

Today, Brother Brett, Sister Samantha, Mama & Me go to the beach on Cape Cod and Brett tosses me into the air.  I think it made Mama nervous for me to learn how to fly but I thought it was fun.

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 Mama says, "You are the best little doggy ever. Thank you for being in my life." She hopes no one will hate me because I may be rich and/or beautiful. Instead, emulate those traits you admire and ignore those you don't. Repeat....  That's how you get somewhere.

 I was once told that “content” was the most important thing in writing, but I say that “Intent” is. Think about it and compare the definitions from


1. a point advanced or maintained in a debate or argument. 2. rivalry, competition


1.  a determination to act in a certain way : resolve. 2 import,significance. 3. at one intends to do or bring about. b : the object for which a prayer, mass

Doesn't conflict work against creation? Creating your life, that is?

 Mama says, "Everything seems to be going according to plan, not necessarily one that I created consciously, but one that was developed through perfecting my guidance system of focusing on traits that I admire."

 Mama says, “I’m gonna have 5,000,000 followers just like Martha Stewart. Martha Stewart move over!”

 If I were a genie and could grant you three wishes, would you pay me 10% with all your riches?

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 Next blog, Salem,  MA, with lots of photos and videos; just in time for Halloween!

See you then and thank you all for following The Darla Chronicles. Have a wonder-filled day!!

 Love you all



Mama is a Registered Nurse, Hypnotherapist, & HypTonics™-Hypnosis combined with Sound-acupuncture and Chakra-attunement.

 *Free the Mind - Heal the Body*

 You may contact Mama at (360) 250-9010 or for an appointment and come see me, Darla!

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