Being At Peace

4 years ago
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No matter what is going on with your life, are you at peace? With where you are? With who you are? You are going through life tending to your obligations and commitments, doing your best every day. Making ends meet and taking a step forward. But when do you listen to the little voice within you that asks, "Is this enough?" What an annoying question? Isn't it enough that you are working hard on doing the best you can, do you need to do more. Caring for others should be enough, but somehow it's not. How do you balance life, when life is not as balanced as you want it to be? You've gotten very good with putting yourself on the side until later, but later never seems to come. It's okay to be where you are because life is about questioning and never seeming to catch up. But if you can find a piece of happiness in your day, if just for a moment than that's exactly where you need to be. Being at peace is not knowing everything, but knowing that whatever you are doing is the right thing for you at this time. Peace is a state of mind.

Lemons are great the way they are... 

(I'm getting to understand that being at peace doesn't have to mean that my life has to be perfect. I can be going through the worst of times and not handle it well, but I'll be at peace with myself because I'm still who I am whether going through good times or bad. The chaos that comes my way does not define who I am. It's not that I'd like better times, but who am I to complain if it makes me the person who I am today.)