Being GREEN is Exhausting!

4 years ago

Checking labels, researching ingredients, looking for symbols... Finding out what's in our food can be down right time consuming. After the election and denial of Prop 37 in California, I'm thinking more and more about the concerns of safe food.

I've been told the only sure-fire way to know that something is truly organic is to find the little green USDA Organic symbol on the packaging. That's easy enough to do, but not as many companies as I'd like are going this route, unfortunately. Especially the big brands. I'm not the CEO of one of these companies, nor can I say I know all the costs involved in going organic or all natural. (oh, btw did you know "all natural" DOES NOT necessarily mean "organic"?) However, I do know that less pesticides and chemicals has to be better for us. It seems like a pretty easy decision when you look at it that way. 

Well what about the bugs and stuff that are going to ruin the foods out in the fields? We have to spray and kill them right? Or grow a genetically modified plant that can supposedly withstand all these nuicanses? Yeah right. You can't fool me. I know changing the genetic makeup of a biological organism just can't be good for, well... biology. And there are natural things that kill bugs and such. They're called herbicides but don't use them too much. Poison is poison. 

So what about all the stress of feeding my family good, organic meals? A small section of our local grocery stores and independent markets are actually organic. Do I want to eat an apple just because it grew near me and was still sprayed with horrible pesticides? Um, no thanks. However, I do support our local ORGANIC FARMERS more than anyone! Needless to say, our choice of meals can be pretty limited in the winter when the good fruits and veggies aren't widely available. Oh, how I love summer harvest. But fall is good, too. I haven't been organized enough during the summer months to can and freeze for the winter. But it is on my list for 2013. I think I just found my first new year's resolution. 

That point is, even with the stress of finding the good stuff, I feel better eating it because I know it's the best thing I can give my body. And I want to be and stay healthy for years so I can enjoy the time with my family and their families one day. I don't want to be the nuisance to them later because I didn't take care of myself now. I feel like that's a responsibility we should take on when we're young, rather than be selfish in expecting someone to take on the responsibility in the future. 

How do you stay green?

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