How to Be a Bridesmaid on a Budget

a year ago
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Your best friend is getting married, and she asks you to be a bridesmaid. Of course you accept! But then it dawns on you. This is no free-ride, and you’re expected to pay your fair share, from the bridesmaid dress to the bachelorette party to the travel arrangements. Oh! And let’s not forget about the present. 

Now that you’re a member of the wedding party, you’re a part of an exclusive club that liberates its members with any extra cash they may have. Blink a few times and you’ll see whole paychecks disappear as you get your dress fitted, choose an appropriately tame gift for the bridal party, and order its raunchy opposite for the bachelorette party. 

Jaded though it may seem, it’s the truth.Once everything is said and done, your wallet can be experiencing serious fatigue. Being a bridesmaid isn’t cheap or easy, but this quick guide can help alleviate some of the stress your friend’s wedding has on your budget.


Team up with other bridesmaids

It’s true that there’s safety in numbers. There’s a huge chance that you’ll have three, four, or maybe even five other girls to help you shoulder the weight of your responsibility. If the bride is your bff from way back, you’ll be tempted to pull out all the stops for your friend. Restrain yourself from volunteering to take on every task and encourage the bridal party to split tasks and their bills equally.

Shop online & don’t alter your dress

If you can convince your bride to shop online for bridesmaid dresses, then you’ve managed to save a ton of cash already. There are plenty of reputable online stores that provide the latest styles at a reasonable price. Just make sure you do your research, checking in with customer reviews to ensure the quality of dress and quality of customer service is up to your standards.

If you can’t manage to convince your bride to order online, the dress may be the most expensive part of the wedding. In store prices may be higher than their online counterparts, but you may be able to balance the cost. For one thing, you’ll avoid the cost of shipping any dress. For another, you can avoid needing alterations when you can try on dresses to ensure a comfortable fit.

Hopefully, online or not, you aren’t saddled with dresses like these ones.

What to do when your friend turns into a Bridezilla

Though she started with a modest budget for the wedding party, the final cost may be a lot higher than she first estimated. Sure, you’d be totally justified in pulling out receipts like Kim Kardashian to remind her how her opinions changed, but it won’t start anything but a fight.

Ultimately, you have two choices: drop out over money or pay more than you were anticipating on the wedding. We know, we know. Neither of these options is perfect but what were you expecting?

The first, though financially responsible, has great potential to ruin a friendship. The second will save the friendship but could sink your finances. You’ll really have to look at your budget and determine if it’s something you can handle.

If it’s a matter of just a couple hundred dollars stopping you from being the best bridesmaid ever, then consider securing an installment loan with a Credit Access Business (or CAB, for short). Make sure to research the folks at MoneyKey first when you’re on the lookout for the best cash advance. As a fully licensed CAB, MoneyKey offers competitive rates, terms, and conditions in line with your state’s lending laws. They’ve received high praise from previous customers thanks to their simple and convenient online process making it super simple to apply for, receive, and repay loans.

In providing advances ranging between $200 and $1,000, their financial products act as a reliable stopgap between your paycheck and your bridesmaid’s bills. Best of all, you won’t have to repay the entirety of this advance in one go. The specialists at MoneyKey breakdown its repayment into several smaller portions. Though it would be much preferable to cover these expenses on your own, an installment loan is the next best thing, so be sure to check out how installment loans work to see how the rates and terms apply.

Sometimes, it’s better just to bite the bullet (or the bill, in this case) and get on with it. Don’t drop out of the wedding party just because things are starting to get expensive. Be mindful of your spending and use an installment loan to fill in the gaps. Together, these two strategies can help you keep your mind off your budget, so you can focus on your bff’s big day.

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