Beginners Guide: How to Use Agenty Web Scrapping Tool.

a year ago
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Are you searching for the guide on data gathering through web scraping tools. Do you know what they really are? Here it is. A web scrapping is a simple, custom made and easy to use tools made by developers to gather data over command.

Yes, you heard the right thing. You can use these useful tools to scrape any data of your choice. Let it be in any format like HTML, TXT, Attribute. They will collect those in just an eye blink. Agenty is one of those several tools. And guess the good thing? I am going to put here a guide on how to use the Agenty tool for scrapping data.

For the present time, Agenty provides a 14-day free trial to use it. You can avail the chance of it. If you haven't used any web scrapping tools before, then this would definitely get you an idea of it.


What things do we need?

Nothing, just a trial account of Agenty, a source from where we are going to dig data & a web browser to run the whole process. Make sure that you are using Google Chrome as your browser.


Let's get started! Follow with me.

1. For the instant, I would like you to create an Agenty account from here. You can either sign up manually or Facebook or Google. I suggest you to go first for the 14-day trial account.

2. After you successfully verifying your identity, go to "new agent" on the right corner of the screen on your dash board.

3. After that click on "create new" button in the page. If you are a geek, then it won't take more time to make that happen.

4. Add the extension provided by clicking "Add to Chrome." That extension is your key factor to do the task.

5. It seems that you are doing it too much boring till now. It's time to get some data.

6. Straightly go the site form where you want to gather information. E.g., - Hellbound bloggers, which is a forum. And click on the tiny robot icon up in the right corner of your browser.     

7. After you click on that, it will show a large vertical box with fields to put and select. You have to select which items to scrape.

8. After that you will see two dialogue boxes with written "Field1" and "css" on it. toggle the button looking alike * at side of the css dialogue box.

9. Suppose you have to gather data like "Post headings," "views," "replies" and "comments." For that, you can create separate data boxes. Like, one for headings, and every single one for each section you want to. You can click on the star looking button and click on any section you want to rip off the data.

10. If you want to get heading stuff, then click on any heading in the list, and then the tool will automatically gather every single heading of that page.                                                                  

11. Create multiple boxes for your need and gather data in any form like HTML/txt/Attribute. And there is an option to send it to your id for reference. It will be sent to your account in less than a minute.

Hope you find this guide useful. There is a Video on Agenty data scrapper which may help you in any further query.


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