BEAUTY is Perceptual Symmetry.

6 years ago


All beauty is, actually is perceptual symmetry.  The perception can be one's own or another's perception.  A quick review of any level Mathematics can remind one of what is Symmetry.  As in, symmetrical.  Have a look at any face shot of Christy Turlington, and you'll see what I mean!


One's style look (hair; makeup; skin; fashion) is so obviously who one actually is. 

To adorn one's face with hair is pretty natural.  To create one's hair to feel soft to touch, also pretty natural; wearing one's hair in braid(s) and/or wearing one's hair in (a) ponytail(s) does also give one's hair swing (with and/or without bangs); wearing one's hair softly loosely up and away from the face with soft cascading tendrils falling down around the ears and the neck may also ornament the face as well as the hair.  Wearing (a) natural flower; wildflower and/or handmade flower(s) in one's hair can accent one's delicate face and can compliment one's long hair and/or one's short hair.  

Pretty makeup colours that catch one's eye as makeup is usually indicative that one may want to wear said makeup. 

Makeup in the daytime was usually a NO: makeup in sunlight and makeup in most workplace lighting can ruin the face's skin.  Now! There is the prettiest makeUp that had SPF in it, so that Make-Up in the Daytime and even in the Sunshine is definetely a must!  Pretty GLOW!  

TODAY, Glittery makeup is for the night life. 


One's skin is one's body.  One may form one's skin, not only with soaps and creams, also with sunbathing.  The best tan to be gotten is from sunshine on the skin when one is in the water.  Swimming in the sunshine... obviously something that feels great to do results in great skin.  Summer is only a few months away in the Northern Hemisphere!  Sunbathing on the beach is no longer only lazy lying around long days.  There is so much to explore all over the beaches this SUMMER 2011.

Fashion is the apparel and/or look style of the social status POPULATION.  Should one be and/or not be in said exclusive population, clothing moves the body.


Beauty (symmetry only) is obviously true for anyone with a life.   





style is the one living of the one life.  the only process to create something is to live the life; the only thing to create is the life; design (as symbolic planning) is of course, just the story one tells of one's life.  as you can see by you seeing my fashion, i am so totally living the life.



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