Beautiful, Powerful Mosaics: Must-Read Posts from August

7 years ago

When I think of August I think of heat -- a heat that is so strong that it makes everything quiet. With silence comes reflection and thoughtfulness. I saw this thoughtfulness reflected in these must-read BlogHer member posts last month.


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Abeona shared a post about how things in life shape us. They alter us, sometimes break us, but that’s okay because we are designed to be beautiful mosaics.

I was talking to one of my favorite girlfriends in California one recent Saturday night about emotions, feelings, and life happenings. We all go through trials, challenges, joys, happiness, pain, and tears in the course of our lives. We mentioned how we all are broken pieces. Our hearts get wounded not once, but over and over again. The wounds are like broken pieces.


Sometimes we just need a place to sit and think. Mother Nature wrote a post about her reflection place.

Reflection here, upon life and upon my situation led to seeing metaphors in the water and structures around me. The foot bridge was the connection between past life and the life to come, and this period of uncertainty was necessary to link the two. The dock was the point of decisions, will I leap or not? Will I sit and just think about taking that jump moment, or will I really let go of my fears and jump?


We can reflect on the past and how quickly time goes by like GaelMC did in a post simply called ”Yesterday.”

Waking early, her mouth is in gear before her eyes open. She jumps on the boys as they sleep in their own beds. Screams. Day has arrived. Time to celebrate. She showers, dresses eats her cereal and runs through my heart out into the back garden. The boys are their usual one step behind her. She chooses to play on the swing set by the wooden play house. Her Dad built the play house high in a tree. She and her brothers love it to the point of fighting for it. A kid’s play house high in a tree in Washington forest is about as close to heaven as a kid can get.


Starting off with Denise’s post-BlogHer conference recap, You Are Powerful, many of us spent some time in August thinking about how to own our power. Guilt Goddess responded to Denise’s post with one called, ”I am Powerful.”

I am hesitant to accept compliments and embrace my own power for fear of being labeled something nasty. You know the words -- selfish, stuck up, conceited, bitch. Since when is self-confidence equal to bitch? But it's there, that nagging little thought. I run my businesses well, I write a funny blog, I'm raising a preschooler, I make a home-cooked meal every night. And on top of that, I'm finding time to be creative and pursue my passions. I should be able to stand up and say, "Look at me, look at what I'm able to do," without fear that I will be judged or ridiculed.


The end of August will forever remind me of leaving home to attend the first year of college. The excitement and adventure and fear mixed together so that I was almost drunk on it. The experience for parents can be quite different. Mbteachers wrote that sending her eldest off to college made her feel like an old typewriter.

As you typed using this archaic device you would have to pay close attention or your words would spill right off the paper. That darn cylindrical paper-holder-thingy that moved with each letter typed, required human assistance to press return at the end of each line. On the really old models you would need to manually push that sucker back by hand to align it for continued typing. No autowrap. Can you picture it?


I’ll end with what I think is one of the bravest posts I’ve seen in a long time. Judy Schwartz Haley documented, with photos, a day in her life as a chemo patient.

When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer, I was terrified. But as I proceeded through treatment, I slowly started to realize that I can do this. For years I had heard horror stories of chemo and it's side effects and my imagination took hold and made those stories even worse. I found out, however, that the reality when I finally faced it, did not live up to the terror in my imagination. I wrote up this walkthrough of a day of chemo in with the idea that maybe it would help give some newly diagnosed cancer patient some hope that, although it sucks, they can get through it.


Whether it’s chemotherapy or watching a child grow wings and leave the nest, things can break us. They may break us a little, or a lot, but the wounds heal. All of us are beautiful, powerful mosaics.

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