Beautiful Night

5 years ago

It's so cold the snow sounds hollow under my feet.  I'd just spent 40 minutes sitting in front of our heater trying to get warm and was all ready to go to bed, when I heard the intake valve of our heater crying which means it needs to be cleared of snow (from the outside).  Exclaiming a hearty, "Crapola", I donned my boots, jacket, hat and scarf and went out.

A block of snow was at the base of our stairs and as I kicked it, it clattered hollowly.  It's an amazingly empty sound.  It's beautiful out.  The moon is high in the dark sky.  Some planet is hanging out nearby the moon.  Smoke from people's houses is rising up and the cold seems to make the crystalized snow on the edges of the houses even more sharp and beautiful.

I ran around the house, cleared out the intake valve which had a beard of frost around it and headed back for the front, stopping on the street to just look up and see and feel the night.  But only for a moment.  It's cold.  Though, I did think about how nice it would be to go out walking at night and almost toyed with the idea until I re-remembered that the ground is icy and I am tired.

It's only minus thirty-five at the moment, but I heard it's supposed to drop into the negative forties and pick up a wind making it a temp of minus seventy-eight or so with the wind chill.  We had our coldest January ever I heard through the weather station.  It certainly has been, with gas bills to boot, and it is getting a bit old.  But then there are moments when you're outside in it, and it's really pretty wonderful - for a moment.


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