Beach Cover Up

4 years ago

I asked for reader’s questions to use as writing prompts and Brian from Brian’s Home asked “What is the strangest thing you have seen on the beach where you live?”


With the exception of seeing a shark last summer nothing much happens on the beach where I live. Our beach is pretty much deserted. All… the… time…

I live in a development that consists of about fifty homes. The homeowners association owns the beach. As a result, the stretch of beach by my house is usually empty except for my neighbors. Since many of the residents of the community are elderly they hardly go to the beach. Many times my husband, Marc, and I are the only two people there…


Before I met Marc I would go to the beach one town over from where we now live. This beach was the opposite of our beach. It would be packed with people. One day I was there with my mom. And these two women arrived with two small children. They started to lay out a blanket about a foot away from where we sat. They were so close I was able to hear their conversation.


“Mommy, can I go into the water?” a little boy asked one of the ladies.


“In a minute,” She answered. “I just have to change into my bathing suit.”


I expected her to head over to the bathroom to change, leaving her son with the other woman. But she didn’t. She stood there, in the middle of the crowded beach and stripped out of her street clothes into her bathing suit. I had a rear view, and when I say I saw everything, I saw everything. I was shocked. And so were all the people sitting around us. Although, a few men looked like they enjoyed the show.


So now I ask you… What was the strangest thing you saw?


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