Be Yourself to be your Best!

3 years ago

Trying to be someone your not or to be just like someone else takes so much time and energy. It is so much simpler to just be yourself, to let who you are flow freely rather than forcing mimicking another person.  As Oscar Wilde said "Be yourself, everyone else is taken".  How sad to not respect who you are, to not feel that you want to be the best that you can, rather you want to always be a better someone else.  Wanting to be someone else, not embracing who you are, will negatively impact how you feel about yourself.  When you don't want to be who you are, you actually are saying you don't like you. If you are always looking to others, wanting to try be better, to beat them, to show them you can be not only just like them but better, it is a sign that you don't like or want to be you. A sad statement about yourself respect. Become free from feeling negative about you, who you are and become the best that you can be.  You might be surprised that you actually feel better, like yourself more - others even like you more when you feel the power that is generated by self love.

Now self love is not about conceit, that is a component of not feeling good about you. Conceit, bragging, exaggerating all  originate in not respecting or loving who you are. If you are one with who you are, radiating your true self with no need to speak or share who you are, your being speaks for you. Instead of screaming how wonderful and great you are, when you feel good about yourself, your being just whispers and all know and hear your inter peace and beauty.


Isn't that what we all truly want is to feel good, to feel the power that we all posses even if we don't know how to set that power free. The only was to release your power is to feel good about who you are! To feel love and joy for who you are, set all kind of forces in motion to bring all you desires to fruition.  Easy, yes if you just realize that you are in control, that only you have control of your joy and happiness, one of the most important powerful truths in life. You can be and have all that you want if you just realize that you have the power. Just be free of all the negativity that stops you from being your best. Remember it is all about you, no one else! When you constantly focus on others you are giving away you power. Focusing on the only person that you can, you, will set you free to be your best, harness your power for you, no one else, living the best life that you desire!

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