Be More Funny! 22 Prompts to Help You Write Humor Posts

4 years ago

I started blogging at Pecked To Death By Chickens about 5 months ago writing mostly about minor annoyances and how I deal with them. I always like to add some funny to my writing because I want people to enjoy reading it, and I know that personally, I am more likely to read something if I am amused.

My husband likes to point out regularly that there is no one who laughs at my jokes more than I do, so my blog is also for me to read back over and laugh at, even if no one else is laughing.  Although I come up with most of my topics, sometimes I look for inspiration elsewhere.  There are some great blog prompts that can be found in Blogher's NaBloPloMo and the monthly SITS list among other places.

While I definitely read all of these, I usually only pull a few to consider because there are lots that are to serious for me (recipes, crafts, dramatic topics etc).  Since many of my followers are other bloggers, I have come up with my own list of blog prompts for those of you looking specifically for something to stretch, test or overwork your funny bone:

1.  Your worst DIY disaster(s): Explain Pinterest-ing projects gone wrong like this bunny bread.  Include photos please!

Image: Isha Zubeidi via Flickr

2.  What would be on the mix tape of your life?: Embarrassing boy band confessions? One Hit Wonders? Show Tunes? Bring it!

3.  What's in your bag?: One of the celebrity rags does this with celebrities, and it is always a slew of well thought out product placements and cute stuff.  I'm sure if normal people did this it could be much more fun!

4.  Weirdest thing(s) you have found on your person: If you are looking for some inspiration for this one, check out one of my favorite posts from Outmanned Mommy: My Boobs Are Full of Surprises.

5.  If ___ Were Kardashians...: You can pretty much explain any phenomenon by way of Kardashians.  Here is an example: If Major Social Media Sites Had Kardashian Personalities, Which Would They Be?

6.  Analysis of your worst school photo(s): Your readers would love to see your braced up little face, Ogilvie home perm, and double chin.  Extra points for head gear.

7. Funniest thing that has ever happened to you at a job: This is a question I always ask professionals I meet: eye doctors, servers, hairdressers etc.  People have great stories, and I have my own from way back in the days of the concert pavillion, the front desk, and, of course, retail!

8.  Giving birth saga: I have yet to meet anyone who doesn't have a crazy story about giving birth. So maybe you didn't push out your kid in a taxi on the way to the hospital; I bet there is still a great story in there somewhere!

9.  Infomercial weaknesses: This is a topic that is ripe with humor.  Tell us about something you purchased from a television infomercial. How did they sell you on it, and what was it like when you got it home?

10.  Wardrobe malfunctions: How can this topic not be funny?  From nip slips to unexpected wind gusts, share your best/worst wardrobe malfunctions or those you have witnessed.

11.  Describe your relationship with your pants: I thought of this one because I read a suggested prompt "Describe your realtionship with your parents" incorrectly and pondered my relationship with my pants for some time.  From trying to fit into skinny jeans to mom jeans to yoga pants, there is a lot of depth in a woman's relationship with her pants!

12.  Post-baby body humor: I hate this term and am thinking about how to address it in a future post.  Please do it so I can just laugh at yours and skip writing it myself.  Thanks.

13.  Your 'friends in your head': I am a big Wendy Williams fan, and she always refers to celebrities she feels an immaginary bond with as 'friends in my head'.  For me I am friends with all of the QVC hosts/hostesses, Ryan Seacrest, Reese Witherspoon (although we are a little on the outs since the drunken incident), and Lucy Liu among others. I'd love to share how we pretend hang out.

14.  Bird poop: Everyone has a bird poop story. If you think you don't, think about it for a minute. Look at this bird for inspiration. It will come to you.

Image: Fire at Will via Flickr Creative Commons

15.  The story of how you lost your temper: If you're confrontational, this won't be any good, but if you are like me and avoid confrontation at all costs, the times you do go off on someone is typically hilarious in hindsight.  For me these include a nurse trying (and trying... and trying...) to give me an IV and a punk kid who set up an art shop in my suite without permission when I was a receptionist. Uh, maybe a few others.

16.  Kids quotes: Kids are hilarious.  If yours are between maybe 2.5 and 7, they probably say something hilarious every day.  Write it down for a week and share.

17.  Spoiled food: Most of us have a few stories about food you forgot about and found when it was too late.  Tell us about how it was discovered, the scene, and the aftermath.  For me it was potatoes on a dark top shelf months after purchase. Oh. God.

18.  Anonymous quote: "The best way to lie is to tell the truth... carefully edited truth.": Tell us about any carefully edited truths you have told.

19.  If you could embody Olivia Pope (Scandal) or Jack Bauer (24) for a day, give us a play by play: I would love be a major bad ass SAHM for just one day!

20. Being hit on: This rarely happens to me (not even when I was single), but I'm sure that some of you have more material to pull from.  I do have a story about a hot female waitress who hit on me when I was out with a bunch of guy friends who were drooling all over her.  They were very angry at me for not turning gay immediately.  Good times... stay tuned.

21.  Verbal pet peeves: I love hearing about other people's verbal pet peeves.  For example, the use of the word 'stool' in any context, saying 'irregardless' instead of 'regardless' or a coworker who used to say 'it's not rocket scientist stuff' instead of 'it's not rocket science' when on the phone with customers explaining the product we sold -- all my verbal pet peeves!

22.  A list of rules or does and donts for your children to follow in public places: Mine would start with with "DON'T assume every human you see works at the establishment and start to request things accordingly" and it would contain a special section for "Lick only the following..."

If you are a blogger and end up using any of these, let me know.  I will be sure to read and share it on Facebook and Twitter!

Susan Maccarelli
Blogger: Pecked To Death By Chickens

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