Be Happy For Happy Bloggers – It Feels Good

“They make their lives out to be so perfect.” 

This is a comment a friend shared with me the other day when the topic of blogs came up.  In a fake, high squeaky voice, my friend continued to mock some blog she had read recently, “I have 10 perfect children and I just loooove being a mom.” 

I had to cringe a bit and hope she hadn’t read a recent blog post of mine.  I had had a great day with our baby while our big kids were at school and I had gushed a little on my blog.  I don’t gush every day but lately I have been feeling so grateful for the way things are going.  We have been through some tough, stressful times over the past few years and it makes me really appreciate when things are going our way.

Why can’t some people be happy for other people?   My friend is not the only one to make comments like this.   People often say this sort of thing about Facebook posts as well.  Don’t people call it "Egobook" because people show their best side, that life is going their way?  Would we all rather read about how sad someone’s life is turning out to be?  Are we that pathetic that we can’t simply be happy for other people?

When I started to read mom blogs, I came across two blogs in particular that were happy and inspiring.  I loved that these women were happy and sharing their thoughts and ideas on how to make a happy family life.  After following them for a while, I learned that their lives were definitely not perfect but they sure weren’t going to let that trump their happiness.  Their happiness was addictive. It seemed to give me permission to be happy as a mom despite the fact that it can often be tough slogging.

I don’t have all the answers by any stretch but, after 40 years, I have learned that negativity doesn’t get you anywhere positive and it sure doesn’t make you feel good.  Fear is usually at the root of negativity so check yourself the next time you make fun of someone for being upbeat or criticizing them for being happy.  Ask yourself why you are saying these things and what you can do to improve your own life to make yourself happier. 

It can feel good to be happy for other people.  Life is a roller coaster of ups and downs for everyone.  No one is spared this ride.  Help others celebrate their ups because they will have their downs just like you.  Go for it.  I dare you to be happy for someone else.  It might be tough at first but practice makes perfect and after a while you will see that when you are happy for other people it makes you happier.  You may soon find yourself gushing about your own life a wee bit!

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