A Basket of Words to Remember

2 months ago
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A basket of words. Of memories. Words I cherish each year and add to with joy.

Each  year I look forward to pulling out this basket.It holds stories of my  life. Words from life-long friendships and those which have ended, words  penned with the truth of the moment.

Hugs and kisses  sent from loved ones from across the country, and hohoho's on postcards  from relatives enjoying the sand and beach instead of snow.

Chapters  of lives, announcements of new babies, graduations, and one year even a  pending divorce (they were never a good match). Crayon-drawn cards and  handmade layered snowflakes. Each one sharing something of themselves,  each one treasured.

With a quickening of my heart, I  see the handwriting of those who are gone. Laugh at their cheerful words  and give thanks that I can still hear their voices as I read. I  remember being loved by old friends who are no longer a part of my life,  and I send them a silent wish for their happiness. Because no matter  what has happened, at one time we journeyed through life together. They  will always be a part of my story.

We all get caught up  in our everyday lives, we think and behave like we have forever. Our  words have so much power, let's not forget to use them properly.

If  you have the chance, send your thoughts to someone in the coming weeks.  Tell them of the ways that they are important to you, how knowing them  has changed your life, how you miss them. Because they too may have a  basket of words to remember.

It could be the most important gift they receive.

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