Bargain Shopping: Ikea! Do You?

4 years ago

*Note: Ikea in no way sponsors me, gives me any free merchandise, or even knows I exist.  But how I wish they did....


I always love a good bargain and Ikea usually can make me happy. Yesterday was no exception.

The store nearest to where I live is in Charlotte. I was coming through there yesterday afternoon on my way back to Greensboro, and I thought, "why not run in real quick? They might have something new."  It was such a joke to think I would run in quickly to see what new things they might have; I stayed for 3 hours!



I came home with some wonderful buys, however, that have made me downright giddy. So giddy, in fact, that I had to share them with you.

If you have never been to Ikea, you really can't comprehend what an experience it is. They very cleverly start you out winding through their showroom, where you see display-after-glorious-display of their goods in staged "rooms." Bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, laundry rooms, living rooms, family rooms, offices, etc....



There are some small items you can pick-up for buying as you go through the showroom, but all of the larger items have numbers that you write down on the card they give you and pick up later in the warehouse area at the end. After the Showroom tour, though, you make it to the Marketplace area of the store. Here is where you see shelf-after-shelf of the goods you saw while trekking through the previous displays. If you missed grabbing something earlier, no worries.  You get a second chance here.


                                      Pure heaven on earth. 


So what did I get that made me so happy?  For starters, this wonderful sugar dispenser, for which I had been long searching.  



I had wished for one ever since I was in Italy a year and a half ago, and had not been able to find one in any store I looked - including all the fancy-schmancy kitchen stores. It dispenses one serving of sugar at a time (2 tsps.) and reminds me of the fabulous Italian lattes I consumed frequently while there. I could find it online, but who wanted to pay $27.75 for one, plus $12.95 shipping and handling?!! Not this penny-pincher - but Ikea had it for $3.99! 

I also bought six of these beauties (white kitchen towels with red trim) for $.79 a piece.  Yep.  Seventy-nine cents.


What else? Whenever I go to Ikea, I always pick up at least one pack of eight beautiful, curved wooden hangers for $3.99.  This time I bought two packs. Eventually, I'd like to buy enough so I can banish all wire hangers from my closet.

Am I the only one who gets this?!

Along with those, I snatched up four white 20" X 20"pillow inserts for $3.99 each, a pack of four glass spice jars with silver lids (also for $3.99), a pack of four colorful, reusable cake plate doilies for id="mce_marker".99,  a handled wire basket for $2.99, a cute green wok spoon for $.99, a 22-pack of assorted colored chalk for id="mce_marker".99, and a white bathmat for id="mce_marker".99.



This is one satisfied girl:)

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