Bare Your Soul

Your inner voice is talking to you—are you listening?

We all know we have an inner voice. Our inner voice is our intuition, our soul, our true self; it’s the one that tells us if a decision we made was the right one. It’s the voice inside us that gives us that overwhelming feeling that we should do something. Our inner voice is quiet, it whispers and so to hear it, we must listen closely. If we aren’t listening, then over time we could lose a sense of who we are and might get swept away in life like a current in a river.

At Drink Wine and Giggle, we know that the demands of career and family keep us busy and listening to our inner voice is not always top of mind. Bare Your Soul is the activity that encourages you to commit to taking the time you need to listen to your inner thoughts. If you don’t think this is an appropriate activity to do at a girlfriend get-together, you are probably right. But—you can talk with your friends about their relationships with their inner voices and commit to each other to make time to Bare Your Soul when you are alone.

With all of the social media and technology around us, it isn’t easy to hear our souls speak to us. To hear, we need to actively listen, which means we need to find a quiet place where we can stop thinking about other things and focus on that inner voice.

Here are some tips to Bare Your Soul:

1. Clear any emotional clutter you might have. If you are dealing with a relationship issue, put it on the shelf for an hour or two. Imagine putting the issue into a shoebox and then putting the box on a shelf in the closet. You can always take it down and open it (talk it out, consider it, deal with it) later.

2. Clear away any physical clutter. Sometimes you need to tidy up a bit before you can relax long enough to focus on your inner voice. Not to say you need to clean your house but if clutter is preventing you from focusing, it’s best to address and eliminate it before you continue.

3. Eliminate any other distractions. Turn off the TV or music. Remove pets. Get into your quiet place where there is nothing to distract you.

4. Decide on where you need to be to Bare Your Soul. Some go for a long walk, others work in the garden and some just sit quietly.

5. Tune in. Start by saying a prayer, meditate or just tune into yourself. Think of your inner voice as being introverted and quiet, so give her plenty of time to be heard.

6. Stay in the moment. To keep yourself grounded and from thinking about something else, look around and see your surroundings.

If you’re having a blockage and not hearing your inner voice, you may need to forgive someone (and it may be you that needs your forgiveness), or you may need to give gratitude for the life you have. Opening your heart by forgiving and giving thanks puts love in your heart and this is always the best way to hear your inner voice.

Let us know what you do to Bare Your Soul by leaving us a comment.

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