Barbie's Linkedin as a metaphor on women’s careers

3 years ago

There’s a new entrepreneur in town! Or more precisely on Linkedin.

After more than 50 years in the business Barbie, the most famous doll that ever existed, opened her own Linkedin profile.

Barbie's Linkedin profile

 Why does a plastic doll need a Linkedin profile anyway?

It seems very reasonable for Barbie to have profiles or accounts on many different social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Pinterst. Some of these social networks users are young girls who actually play or have played with Barbie dolls and have purchased her products. The last place people expect to see Barbie is on Linkedin, the greyest and most business oriented social network that has got nothing to do with the blonde doll who almost always dresses in a pink dress or a tiny Bikini.

Barbie’s Linkedin profile was created a few weeks ago. In her profile Barbie dressed in pink and black (as expected) and states that her goal is to encourage generations of girls to place no limitations on their ambitions.

Her business is “Dream Incubator” where she acts as a consultant, helping girls around the world play out their imagination, try on different careers, and explore the world around them.  Have you ever seen a successful woman who doesn’t want to help other woman proceed with their dreams and make them a reality? I haven’t! Just like Barbie, women are always trying to lift other women’s careers, relationships or even private lives. It’s seems that it’s important to women to see more women in key roles, that way they feel stronger and not alien in the suit world.

My assumption is that Mettel, the company that stand behind Barbie’s brand realize that the young girls who used to play with Barbie are now grown women that have girls of their own who want to wear two hats: the mother’s hat and the career woman’s hat all at once.  

 Are you kidding me? Who can have more than 150 careers?

On Barbie’s Linkedin profile it says that since 1959 Barbie has had more than 150 different careers: a fact that automatically raises your eyebrows! But when you stop and think about it for a moment you realize that most of the women that surround you also have had many careers under their belt. For example look at your mom, she’s probably changed some office careers in her life, maybe she served a few years in the military, volunteered in an association, joined a group that helps people, was your family’s private chef, cleaner, gardener, chief economist and CEO of your family in general. Thinking about it Barbie is not a magical form of woman, she’s actually exists in many women we know. 

Barbie's Linkedin profile

 The number 1 Barbie/women conflict

Women have been facing a really big conflict in the last century. On one hand they want to be equal to men and are ready to fight and work hard for it. They are trying to narrow the gap between the gender salaries, to have more women in senior positions and have more rights.

On the other hand women are still want to feel and look like ladies. It’s really important for them to be updated with the latest fashion, to have their nails and hair done, stay on a healthy diet and workout every once in a while.

The conflict is actually not in the woman prospective but in the men’s. It’s hard for men to look at beautiful women and realize that they are also brilliant business people who can make things work. Most men are still lead by their ancestor’s instincts. Although humanity has developed a lot as the have years gone by, the hairy cave man still exists in many men. 

  This is a cynical man’s world

The legendary James Brown sang “This is a man's world but it would be nothing, nothing without a women or a girl”. Many years have passed since this song was written but unfortunately it’s still relevant. People and especially men see women as a nice decoration to a man’s life, they don’t see them as having a major role in their life or in humanity in general.

When you talk about a successful woman people have always got something negative to say. They say she is probably bossy or even a bitch, that she doesn’t have friends and that people don’t like to be in her company. And they will always assume that she doesn’t like babies and definitely doesn’t want to have one of her own.

It’s hard for people to move on from their prejudice and think reasonably.

 Yes she can!

As we can see, it’s not about Barbie, she has already made a successful change and become a woman who helps other women to follow their dreams. It’s about us, the human beings who find it hard to believe that everything is possible. We need to stop seeing Barbie as a plastic doll who wears a tiny bikini and lies beside the swimming pool all day long, we need to start thinking of her as a persona who motivates young girls and women to shatter the glass ceiling above them.

It only takes blood, sweat, tears and a pink optimistic suit to achieve anything you ever wanted, just ask Barbie.   


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