Bama...a new pet

4 years ago
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Bama…..a new pet

We were leaving school.  Stopping to pull out.

Ryan screams “A CATTTTTTTT!”

And lo and behold…a tiny black kitten, by the drainage ditch.  I open the door, she jumps into hole.

Well, BALLS!

Ryan — Run home!  Get some food!  Bring me back!  I CAN SAVE HER! Owen– OH NO…We are NOT getting that kitten!!!!!  Baxter will be MADDDD! Ryan — SHE WILL DROWN…IT IS SUPPOSED TO STORM SATURDAY…SHE WILL DIEEEEEEE!! MOOOOOOMMMMMMM!

OK!  We go get food, drop off Owen with Sean, drive back.

Ryan, gets down on his belly, and makes purring/calling cat sounds.  No idea where he got THAT talent.  He drops the food….little kitty was HUNGRY.  He works and works and calls and calls.  And cried.  His tears fall on the kitten…in the hole.

Every person we know, at school, stops “Are you ok?”  Me — “Oh yes…it’s a cat…”.  Them – “ will get another cat, cute”.

Police drive by…get out to help.  He was very nice and used a flashlight (all dark now)…they find the end of the ditch.  Ryan runs there, calls and calls, begs and begs…she comes to him.  He grabs her…a tiny little black kitten.  Small, so small.  Especially compared to the giants that live here.

So, I refer to her as “Ditch Witch”…..boys laugh.  She comes into house.  Auzzie wants her.  Baxter hates her.  Hexi walks away.  She’s scared to death.   Can’t see so well.  Frightened.  And then?  Food.  Glorious food.  And a litter box.  And a warm blanket.  She snuggles down in the bathroom….I got NO idea how this will work?  She’s tooo small…tooo fragile.  Feral?

Mom and my sister bring over a cage…she looks like a little toy the dogs have.  She uses a brownie pan as a potty box.  She eats and eats and eats.

After her vet visit, we learn she has a clean bill of health (Ryan cried and prayed and begged God she wasn’t sick).  She comes back to her home…in her little cage.  She plays more and more each day.

Owen decreed, “WE SHALL NAME HER ‘BAMA’!!!” Ryan, “Yes, Bama.  I like it!” Shocking..we all agree!  Bama.

Bama has come into her own.  Baxter is starting to play.  Auzzie, the 65 lb dog, wants to love her, a little too much.  Boys play with her and give her toys.  Bama isn’t feral, she’s got more love than she will ever need.

Welcome Bama.  aka Ditch Witch.

Love, Curator of This Animal Shelter

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