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6 years ago

We've all heard of the ravages of acid rain. As a result of toxic emissions into the environment, acid rain damages the leaves and tree needles, decreases the tree's ability to withstand cold, drought, pests and diseases and even inhibits plant breeding. To counter the acidity, tree roots pull important nutrients like calcium and magnesium soil alkalinization.

acid-forming diet and lifestyle, as acid rain in our body. Microcosms we have mainly the same issues facing the planet. The difference is that the majority of us know that we are polluting the planet, but few of us realize that we are subjecting our bodies are similar to the acid waste.

But doing some simple changes in your diet and lifestyle balance the pH of body experience incredible healing results than with more energy, resistance to colds and influenza, reduce or eliminate pain, and are actually able to clean up your life. Many people who balance the body chemistry, ward off heart diseases, joint inflammation, osteoporosis, diabetes, kidney disease and cancer.

Imagine that the acid and base are teams in a tug-of war competition, each holding the end of one long rope, trying to tip the balance of his side, and you have a good sense of what happens every single second in your body. PH frequency ranges from 0 to 14, with 7 is neutral in the middle. Zero to 6.9, is acidic, while 7.1 to 14 is alkaline. If your pH balance shifts toward both sides of the spectrum acidic or alkaline, you are vulnerable to a variety of health problems.

In North America because of our current eating habits is rare for anyone to become too alkaline permanently; excessive acidity much more common, even among health-conscious Devourer. Your blood must remain in 7365 and depleting the alkaline minerals from the bones and muscles and organs of detoxification taxes just to maintain balance, which can cause many negative effects on health.

The Impact of Acid

The speed with age is determined by the level of acidity in your body. Gray hair, wrinkles and sagging skin is aggravated by acid diet and lifestyle.

increased cholesterol to repair the damage caused by the blood acidic, which traverses your artery walls as an SOS pad.

One study shows that cancer cells require acidity survive. They thrive in an acid environment, but can not cope with an alkaline detergent., Most people experience significantly less pain if their pH was balanced, including: arthritis, migraine and fibromyalgia.

Acid-forming Foods

One of the worst offenders is the tail acidifier. 2.5 to 2.6, depending on the brand, this so-called "drink" is very acidic. It takes 32 cups of water neutral (water is more acidic municipalities) for the neutralization of a single cup of cola "

Other acid-forming foods are: something sweet (natural or corrected) in white or wheat pasta and bread and baked goods, dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt, sour cream, etc.), chicken, eggs, fish, beef, lamb, and even most fruit. Yes, the fruits have been Acidifying effect on the body. The myth that fruit is alkaline, when we eat has been floating around for decades. Unfortunately, because of its high sugar content, creates an acidic environment in the body. This does not mean to swear off all food acids. Call the consumption of acid, but healthy dishes such as food fruit "Wise Acid 'in my book, The Ultimate Solution pH. But the majority of your diet should be alkaline with food. Please note: No matter if the food itself is acid or alkaline, but how it affects the body. Have at least a 70% alkaline foods

Kick Acid Quick Tip

To help you start hitting the acid

Drink water, juice of half a fresh lemon (alkaline forming in the body), the image of it to start the day.

"Drink" green drinks "throughout the day to give more power and balanced body chemistry. Alkalizing green food supplements are very useful to quickly restore pH levels.

-Eat a big salad for lunch and / or dinner.








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