Like A Bad Neighbor, She Won't Move Out

4 years ago

My back yard has a wonderful kennel for my dogs when they want to play outside and enjoy the sunshine and good weather and when I want them out of my house because they are shedding the winter coats.  It is huge with six foot high walls and runs the entire width of my yard.  It also has toys, fresh water, a huge doggie house with a gigantic cedar dog bed to relax upon, and shade from many trees. 

I also have a kid swimming pool that I fill with water for my lab.  She loves to splash and play in that pool when it gets really warm in the summer.  My other dog runs from the water because she doesn't like to mess up her hair. I have two other dogs, Teddy and Cookie but they stay inside because they are delicate little poochies and they are goofy.

My neighbor is a cat person.  She and her husband sleep all day and go to their jobs at the local newspaper business at night.  They hate my dogs.  My sheltie is a typical sheltie in that if she thinks she sees a cat, a squirrel, a burglar, a stick, a leaf blowing in the wind, she will bark at it.  My neighbors don't like that quality in my dog.

That very characteristic in Toula, that's her name, saved my neighbors from having a burglar break in their home one morning because I heard her different bark sound.  Yeah, that's right, I heard the urgent bark that she makes when she knows there's an intruder and I saw the creep that was lurking on my neighbors porch trying to break in their back door.  I ran outside and scared this guy off.  So what thanks do I get in return?  A neighbor who calls the animal control officer on Toula for barking once in a while because she leaves her cat outside to torment my dogs on a regular basis.  My dogs can't stand it when her cat is on MY fence wiggling its tail, just teasing them and making them insane.  They can't help but bark.  So she complains that they bark too much.  I have to bring them inside, but she can leave her cat outside to poop in my yard and in my flowerbeds.  There's nothing I can do about HER cat.  There's no leash law in this town regarding cats. 

She has knocked on my door and complained in person about my dogs and then when I try to respond, she turns her back on me and literally walks off while I am in mid-sentence.  This woman is horrible to me. 

Today, she was peeking through MY fence again, making my dogs bark this morning.  She was scratching around on the ground trying to be a "gardener" I guess.  I knew that if I didn't bring my dogs in fast enough, she would be calling the cops again.  My dogs love being outside in the sunshine playing together but when she purposely causes them to bark like this, she blames us for having ill-behaved dogs. 

I wish they would be good neighbors for once and decide to move away to a cave. 

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