Bad Decision – Storm Locked In!

5 years ago

Bad Decision – Storm Locked In!


Sometimes I make bad decisions.  ~Heather Piper

Storm-in-books-Aunt-Heather-Piper Storm ready to leap off of my books 2012

Last Wednesday, after a day at Idlewild Park with Kyle, (Round Up the Math at Idlewild Park) we headed back to my parents house to visit before calling it a night.  I will admit I was beat, not getting much sleep the night before, being up at the crack of dawn, and spending the entire day at Idlewild Park.  Mark this one in the calendars, Kyle wore me down!  Before we left mom and dad's I started to fall asleep in the chair.  Kyle was gracious enough to wake me up and get me moving. (sarcasm)

As I gathered my things up, I headed out to the car with Storm.  Kyle gave me the "Ya I'm going, I'm going." all while he was watching a cartoon on TV.  Me being tired and impatient, I waited in the car for a few minutes before deciding to extract Kyle from the house.  With a little irritation, I left Storm in the car to go back inside and find out what was taking Kyle so long, even thought I new it wasn't a mystery.  During the entire time it took me to get my stuff together, wrangle up a cat and head out to the car and wait on him, Kyle still didn't even get his guitar in the case!  He was glued to the TV.  I said, "Come on Kyle, it's getting late." as I turned off the TV to show my sense of urgency and irritation.  Just then, he jumped up and gathered his things and headed out with me.  As I proceeded to board the car, I was surprised to find it locked.  Locked?  Yep Locked!  At first I was sincerely confused, 'Did I lock the door?' Where are my keys?' and the thoughts circulated until I came to the realization that this was BAD.  Instantly feeling sick, I found myself staring at Storm on the other side of the window with the car keys in the ignition.  I never thought about Storm hitting the lock button on the door and trapping herself inside! What the heck?

Poor Storm didn't understand what had happened.  She was pawing at the window toward me and meowing.  She wanted out!  I wanted in!  O crap, really?  Not to mention, just before we left I didn't realize she we up under the recliner and when I went to stand up, she got caught.  Yikes!

Storm-Sleeping-Aunt-Heather-Piper My sleepy kitten 2012

Ok, I'll admit my first reaction was to yell at Kyle.  Now on my defense, I said, "Kyle!  This is what happens when you're slow and everyone is waiting on you."  Only because Kyle is notorious for being slow moving and he takes FOREVER to get his crap together when we're leaving.  On HIS defense, I know he doesn't like to leave us and it's his way of delaying.  I did comment, "I'm not saying it was your fault for the car being locked, but this wouldn't have happened if you moved your feet!"  Again, not nice words especially since he didn't do it, and in fact it was my fault for leaving the cat in the car with the keys.  But regardless, I'm human, and at that point, a tired grumpy one.

Evidently, while I was outside trying to think of a reasonable solution without freaking out, Kyle went inside to get my mom.  Later, mom told me that Kyle was saying, "It's all my fault Gigi, It's all my fault!" as he cried and whimpered.  At that moment I might not have noticed the obviously upset child, but now when I hear the story, it does break my heart.  He felt so bad!  It really wasn't his fault at all.  It was an unforeseen accident.

Being desperate, I even tried to coax Storm to step on the button on the door.  I knew it was a long shot but I had to try something.  Even Kyle tried it too.  We checked all the doors and window because sometimes I am known to leave a window or two open.  In fact, while we were at Idlewild that day, I came back to the car with my back window down.  My car was an open book all day, but not now, now it was like Fort Knox.

Mom came out and said, "Let me take you to your house, don't you have a spare car key?"  Just then, Kyle and I looked at each other because that morning when we were on our way to Idlewild, I happen to notice my spare house key in my consult.  I told mom, "When I came back from Seattle, my neighbor gave me back my spare key when I was heading out of the driveway.  I just dropped it in the console."  All while I turned my head to stare at the sealed up car containing a stressed out cat scratching to get out.

So let's get this straight,  I have my cat locked in the car, in my parents driveway, with the car keys in the ignition, with the house keys on that key ring, the extra set of house keys in the console, and I didn't know where my extra car keys were located.  Really?  Not to mention it's going on 9:30 in the evening, nearing my bedtime.

Mom tried to lighten the situation, more for Kyle's sake.  She said, "You know Kyle, you did the same thing to us in pappy's truck when you were a baby at the Piper Reunion."  Mom gave him a very warming and understanding smile.  She said, "O it happens to everyone, even your Aunt Heather has locked her keys in the car."  followed by Kyle saying with a quivering voice, "Ya Gigi, but at least a person locked in a car would understand to unlock the door."  O my poor little man!  That really melted my heart!  I could tell he was not only upset because I was, but because Storm was a little on edge and he was nervous for her.

Storm-in-Bookshelf-Aunt-Heather-Piper Storm hanging out on some good reading material 2012

Mom, still trying to lighten the mood said, "Well, let's think about this.  At least it's not really hot, the sun is down, so we have a little bit of time to figure this out."At one point I said, "Ok, what are my choices?  Either I break the car window to get in or I break into my house."  Mom interjected by saying, "Well I can call a locksmith."  I stopped her by saying, "But I have no idea how long it will take him to get out here and who knows how long to get in the car.  Plus it might be cheaper to pay for a broken window"  At that point, I thought if only I could get in my house, I might have the spare key to the car in my key display.  Mom again suggested for me to get in the car and she would drive me to my house.  However, I didn't want Storm left alone.  I said, "It's a waste of time for you to drive me to my house.  I would rather someone stay her entertaining Storm.  Give me the keys mom, I'll be right back."  Reluctantly mom handed over her car keys, to a very frazzled upset driver.  At that point, she knew I was going to go mock speeds to get to my house.  And I knew she knew that, because she said, "Please be careful." with a serious look projected toward me,  as I grabbed the keys and threw myself in her car saying, "Ya Ya".  Then I heard a "Do you have your phone?" as I nodded before backing out of the driveway.

Admittingly, I did floor it.  I don't think mom's car has ever exceeded the speed limit.  As long as I'm focused, I feel fine driving, which means no talking.  Perfect, since I was by myself!  Now things would have been different if Kyle was with me.  Even being upset and stressed out, I would have been more careful.  But he wasn't with me so I was free to ride.

As I pulled in my driveway, I remembered I had another spare key at a local friend's.  Excellent!  Once I retrieved that piece of the puzzle, I entered the house.  I immediately went to my key display, courtesy of my friend Lisa Zettelmayer who purchased it for me as a house warming gift, and started rummaging.  At that moment, I felt like light rays of sunlight were shining on me with music singing Halleluiah, like I just found the Holy Grail.  Now some stress was exiting stage right.  I almost grabbed my extra Honda key but then realized I needed my Nissan key.  Found it!  Great! Now let's end this nightmare.

All along, God must have been on my side, because I never had to sit at a red light the entire trip, no wasn't really any traffic, and all seemed to be turning for the better.  While I was on my way back to mom and dad's, I wanted to call and let them know I had the key.  But alas being distracted would not have been a safe move, so I chose to wait for a red light, which never really came.

Storm-sleeping-at-Comptuer-Aunt-Heather-Piper Typical cat, sleeping on the job. Storm 2012

As I pulled in the driveway, no one was out there!  Kyle immediately ran out  when he saw the headlights.  I jumped out of mom's car saying, "Why aren't you keeping Storm company?"  Looking sick and clearly upset, he replied, "Aunt Heather, Gigi told me to come in.  I wasn't trying to be mean.  I tried to get her to stand on the unlock button."  Ok another set of poorly chosen words.  Poor kid!

Now after all this stress and worrying, the funny part of the story.  I get the key and hit the unlock button and nothing happened.  Kyle and I just stood there stunned.  Then I remembered, I switched keys because the battery died on that key.  Kyle and I both stood there looking puzzled like 'Now what?'.  I could tell his heart just sank when our only solution didn't work.  The funny thing was, I didn't think to use the key like it was designed to be used.  We live too much in an electronic remote control age.  What really struck me as humerus, I don't think Kyle has ever seen someone use a key to unlock a car door.  Too funny!  He is certainly a child of the times.  After my moment of idiocy passed, I used the key to free the wild cat.

I don't know who was happier, Storm or Kyle.  Or maybe Seven, when he saw I came back.  NOW, we were ready to head out.  During our car ride it was my chance to make sure Kyle was aware it was not his fault and I wasn't mad at him.  I did say, "Well, I guess God wanted this to be a learning lesson."  He said, "Ya Aunt Heather, it could have been worse.  It could have been in the middle of the day when it was really hot.  Or the car could have been running.  That would have been bad!"  I must say, he was right!  That all would have certainly been worse.  Ok, I learned my lesson.  Note to self, never leave the keys in the car with the cat inside.

Another funny part of the story. Kyle informed me that at one point Storm turned on the lights.  Still trying to lighten the mood, I said, "Was she planning on going for a spin?"  Kyle snickered, more out of relief than humor.  But he did manage to throw a smile my way.  I told him I don't like him stressing so bad, especially over things out of his control.  I commented that moving forward, instead of worrying, I want him to say a prayer, or many prayers.  He needs to realize that ultimately God has control and he can change the situation in a heartbeat.  Have faith in Him.

Later on when I talked to mom about the situation, she said that Kyle was pacing back-and-forth while I was gone.  I guess he even asked my mom, "Gigi what kinds of toys do cats really like to play with?  What's Storm's favorite toy?"  Mom asked him why and he said that and apparently he was going to use it to distract Storm and try and get her to stand on the unlock button.

Mom: "Well she likes her fishing pole."
Kyle: "I don't know where that is."
Mom: "What about her mouse."
Kyle: "Ok"

Mom said Kyle would take Seven outside with him since he is scared of the dark, would pace around and then come back in.  She said, he was also waiting by the phone, waiting for me to call.  And I did manage to get the phone to ring once, but then the light changed before I even came to a stop, so I hung up.  I guess Kyle was right there and answered the phone.  Kyle walked around the house with his head hung low the entire time I was gone.

I am blessed to have such a caring and heartfelt little man!  I love Kyle with everything I have and then some.  He is a special kid.  I wish he wouldn't carry the weight of the world on his shoulders, he's eleven and he's always been like that.  If that was me in his shoes, I would have been upset, but I don't really internalize stress, not like he does. Dad was mad at me, blaming me for making him worried, however  I informed the old man that it was a learning lesson for all of us.  God spoke loudly and clearly!  Point taken.

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