Bachelors Degree in Custodial Arts

6 years ago

After two and a half years of being unemployed, and countless resumes and interviews, I have recently accepted a position as a 2nd shift custodian at the little home town school I graduated from in 1986. Last night was my first "day" on the job.

My feet hurt.

I'm going to admit something. I never, ever, in my wildest imagination, thought during all those years of being a student at Austin that one day I'd be cleaning up the messes there.

I was a cheerleader.

I was editor of my high school paper and yearbook.

I was in National Honor Society.

I ran for (and didn't win) Homecoming Queen.

I graduated 12th in my class.

I went on to college and after many stops and starts, I obtained my bachelors degree in 2005 - post four children, 10 years of marriage, and divorce. After a few years of social work, I burned out. That is how I came to be unemployed and that is how I came to be a janitor..(ahem!) CUSTODIAN. (Yes, that is the more politically correct term, I'm told.) I'm not sure why it's different...we clean up the same yucky no matter what we're called. "Custodian" doesn't make the job any more glamorous.

And so during those early years in college, back when I was a sorority girl, even President of my sorority for a couple of years...back when I was making the Dean's List by day and partying like a rockstar by night, never imagined myself wheeling around a mop bucket.

I think I'll blame it on my kids.

You know, kids will make you do things you never thought you could do.

I guess it's a matter of maturing. There was a time in my life, yes, when I guess I thought this type of work was beneath me. (I know..I know.) I also thought, at one time, shopping at Goodwill or any other thrift store was beneath me...using coupons was beneath me...driving an older car was beneath me...I was "Carrie" from Sex in the City, dude. Fabulous shoes! Fabulous handbags!

And now I'm "Bekki" from Kids in the Country and I got youngins' to feed and cell phones to keep on.

Truth is, I'm a better person.

Truth is, I like that at the end of my shift, my work is complete. I carry NO emotional baggage home other than gratitude for having a job. Truth is, a good, clean floor makes me happy.

And so I thank God today that He has made me a woman with a mother's heart. And I thank God for the job He has given me and I will make the world a nicer place, one potty at a time.



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