Baby Steps and Big Ideas: BlogHers Go Green in 2009

8 years ago

Living eco-friendly has its upsides.

It's often more frugal. You definitely feel more connected. You get to carry around cute cloth tote bags. It may even help you be healthier. And then there's the little matter of making the world better for us and future generations.

But changing your life? Walking more lightly on the earth? It's also, um -- intimidating.

What do you do first? Are you recycling? Are you recycling wrong? Can you afford to buy "green" products? Do you have to give up your car, your food, all the conveniences that make it possible for you to relax and breathe a little? And why, exactly should you?

The truth is that nothing we do is too small to make a difference. And nothing we can think of is too big to be needed. And the only thing that won't be helpful is ... doing nothing.

In Baby Steps, we'll be looking at immediate, personal ways to go green. What's easy to do? Where can I be greener in my daily life right now? Which small personal sacrifices really have an impact, and which are more effort than they're worth?

With Big Ideas posts, we'll zoom out to the topic at hand. What's the big picture? What's the back story? Who are the inspiring people working to make big changes to the environment? How do I expand my eco-friendliness beyond my personal habits and take social action? And, oh yeah -- how do I have fun with this and inspire others, instead of lecturing to them?

We're going to look at Baby Steps and Big Ideas month by month here at BlogHer, zeroing in on a different theme each month.

In the month of March, we'll take on spring cleaning, with Baby Steps posts on how to be eco-friendly about cleaning up your personal spaces, and Big Ideas posts to take a look at cleaning up the environment.

April is Earth Month, with Baby Steps posts exploring our personal relationships to this planet and Big Ideas on ensuring Mother Earth's ongoing health.

In May, we gear up to talk about cars. Baby Steps posts will get us thinking about just how much of our lives are spent in a car; Big Ideas posts will take a hard look at carbon fuel and challenge BlogHers to find alternate forms of transportation.

Not only will we be posting our ideas, we also want to hear from you -- what are you already doing? What makes you feel blocked? How do you find inspiration for environmentally conscious living?

Share your ideas now -- either in the comments below, or in your own Baby Step or Big Idea post!

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