Babies Love Cat Food, The Second Time Around Too!

4 years ago

Title catch your attention? Well it should. This was a big parenting fail. A couple nights ago Hunky Hubs and I were sitting on the couch after the kids went to bed. We were grabbing our things...phones, tablets, tea, stuff to haul upstairs so we could lay in bed and play words with friends with each other and Hunky Hubs notices on the floor about five feet from the cat food bowl that the cat had thrown up.

My husband avoids at all costs cleaning up any kind of vomit, especially cat vomit. I had my hands full walking up the stairs and he says,

"Lets just wait til morning to clean it up, then should scoop right up with a spatula, and you won't have to worry about the mess."

I'm thinking mewon't worry  have to worry about the mess? I silently hoped he'd step in it in the morning resulting in him having to clean up the vomit.

We go to bed, not worrying about it because I was certain the man who wakes up before me in the morning would clean up the vomit. After all I feel that the person who discovers the vomit should have to clean up the vomit right? You'd think?

In the morning I wake up and walk right past the vomit on the way down stairs....of course the man didn't clean it up. If he's just too busy getting ready for work, and I have STAY AT HOME MOM stamped on my forehead, that must mean its my job right? ;)

At anyrate, I tell myself I will clean it up at breakfast time. I'm hauling the kids back up stairs for breakfast and I put Braidy in his high chair with some cheerios and pull the gate across the stairs, the cat vomit is on the other side of the gate, that shouldn't be a problem.

I will clean it up after breakfast.

We eat our meals, I decide to put on a little make up before taking the kids to story time at the library. Without thinking I let Braidy out to crawl on the floor, I set the baby gate up to the bathroom so that he can see me while I'm putting on my mascara. The kids are playing in the dinning room.

Then I hear out of J Myster's mouth,  "Mommy Baby has something in his mouth!"

I look around the corner and see Baby B's out stretched arm reaching thru the gate to the lovely pile of cat vomit!! 

Sure enough he had a nibblet hanging off his lip and the mushed up "vomitus" (new word)  cat food  in his hand exited that he found something akin to cheerios just waiting for him on the other side of the gate!

The expression on baby B's face was one of ha ha, look what I found, "It doesn't matter that it had been regurgitated  It was on the floor and left for me, Baby B!"

All I can say is EWWW! 

Major fail...but 24 hours later, the child is still alive and doing well...thriving actually.

But it does remind me of this pin I saw the other day on facebook.





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