Awkward Family Photos: The Game!

5 years ago

The Christmas decorations have been put away, the thank-you notes have been written.  Christmas 2011 is in the books, but the memories remain.  Laughter, drinks, holiday cheer and … Awkward Family Photos: The Game?


Photo courtesy of and All Things Equal, Inc.

Oh, yes.  You heard right.  The website that brought you uncomfortable, cringe-worthy family photos has created a board game.  I played it last weekend when visiting family in Ohio, and it did NOT disappoint.

For those of you aren’t familiar with the website, please take a minute and check it out here.  Now that you’re all caught up, I’ll break it down briefly. (I’m pretty sure we didn’t follow the rules, so I won’t spend much time going over them.)  Someone draws a card/awkward photo and selects a number that is linked to a task.  For example, Aunt Mary selects a picture of the high school band geek, in full band geek regalia, who is posing with his oboe in half the photo, with the other half a close-up of his face in soft focus that puts Barbara Walters to shame.  Everyone must write a caption for the photo, say, “Another justification for Planned Parenthood.”  One person is the “judge” for the round, and another is the “reader.”  Everyone passes their answers to the reader, who then reads them to the group.  The judge has to pick his/her top three favorites and then guess who wrote each caption.  I think you get points that way, but I wasn’t really paying attention.

You can really learn a lot about your family/friends while playing this game.  People’s dark sides come out, and it’s hilarious.  For example, here were some of the best captions of the evening by the unlikeliest of people:

For the photo of a girl with unfortunate 80s hair, makeup and clothes:  “And yet another ugly teenage boy has a chance to get laid.”

For the infant making a really ugly face: “The child’s proctologist has a 70 percent success rate in removing glass thermometers.”

A photo of a child with seriously messed-up parents, in response to the query: “What advice would you give the person in the photo?”  Answer: “Shoot yourself.”

For the awkward photo of a ceremony involving a baby (circumcision? Baptism?):  “Turn the baby’s head a little so it looks more alive.”

I love my family.

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