Autumn loves

4 years ago
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I am blogging again. Every day for a month. The prompt today is about autumn. Ironically....not so ironically, October is my favorite month of the year. Growing up in the Midwest, October was when the world went all color crazy. The leaves changed and the air went crisp and Football blue and gold. I have lived in California for 22 years now. October is not as colorful here but it doesn't suck either. It is typically resplendent with some fall foliage and many "Indian summer" days of sunshine.  

October is my birthday month. It is also the birthday month for three family members, 2 ex-family members, and 3 dear friends. Everyone will get something from me. Sharing my birthday month is a good thing. The 2 ex's will not receive gifts...they actually gifted me when they got the hell out of my family. Thank you. Thank you very much.

My youngest is celebrating her 11th birthday this month. She is 40 years younger than me.

I. Am. Old.

I want to go on a fall foliage tour to the East coast one year. I am mesmerized by the way the trees change and how spectacularly beautiful it is to see. My entire family would love it too I think. I am known to pull the car over and make everyone get out and look at a great tree that is showing off some amazing colors. They are so used to this, they now point it out to me if I miss one and they rarely roll their eyes when I whip out the camera and insist on a posed picture. Well there was the one time when I crossed against traffic and my daughters screamed from the car, "Don't hit my mom! She is slow!"

My husband thinks autumn smells like football. He stands in the yard sniffing the air and tells a story (or 200), about his glory days on the turf.  We indulge him as well.

We are super indulgent as a family. Autumn is a bit about indulgences anyhow. I mean I think we all remember the "Halloween candy diet of 2001".

 If not, I lost 5 lbs. eating ONLY Halloween candy and got a speeding ticket for going 55 in 35. It was awesome. Or not.

My favorite part about autumn is just that it is autumn. It's such a fantastic season. I don't like the cold so much but I like the crisp. I think it is the calm before the storm of the holidays and then there are all the birthdays. Mine is the 5th. F.Y.I.

Happy fall y'all.