Authentic Cuban Food Recipes: Picadillo, Tostones (fried plantains), and Mojitos!

4 years ago
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It's no secret that I have an addiction to Pinterest. I'm not alone, I know. I can count on inspiration and creativity with just a keyword search. But when I wanted to create a South Florida board the other day, and decided to add some local cuisine recipes, I was disappointed. Yes, there are a few dishes unique to Miami and some Americanized latin recipes. But each one was missing a key ingredient or authenticity, not on purpose, but mainly I suppose because Americans are just starting to become familiar with latin flavors beyond Mexico and Cinco De Mayo. Now listen, I am American. I grew up on fried pork chops, mashed potatoes, and apple pie. So I am not jumping down the throat of anyone cuba vintage carelse branching out into recipes from other cultures. However, I am also somewhat of an adopted Cuban girl, if you will. My husband is Cuban, and my kids are both part Cuban, and technically I did carry them for nine months each.... Okay, maybe that's a stretch. But I have lived in the Miami area for over 7 years. And spent the first several cuba vintage recipesyears eating weekly family dinners with my husband's grandparents. Which means being told I was too "flaca" every Sunday no matter how much weight I had on me, and practically forcefed second helpings with vivid descriptions of the ingredients in each bite. Because food (and music, and family) are the passion and essence of Cuban existence - it's just what they do. They eat, and they talk (loudly) about eating other things the entire time they are eating, and when they are done eating, they might dance, and talk about eating some more. My two year old basically has rhythm in her blood, because she moves to Buena Vista Social Club like she's been dancing for decades. (And often makes me feel very uh... white girl.) My husband's grandmother is in her late 80's now, and hasn't cooked in a couple of years. So I consider myself lucky to have picked up on a few of her authentic recipes while she was still in the kitchen. (And happy to share it with you and the world of Pinterest.) Although they came to the United States over 50 years ago from Cuba, anyone who has visited Little Havana knows that culturally, not much has changed. They still don't speak more than a handful of English words, the grocery stores carry only familiar products, there are even wild chickens throughout the neighborhoods, and other than maybe newer model cars (and freedom of course), picadillo recipe ground beef cuban foodMiami life in certain areas is practically "el mismo" as Cuba. My favorite Cuban dish is, by far, picadillo. Made of mainly ground beef, cumin, raisins, and olives - served with rice, and black beans or plantains, it is a staple. Recipes can vary though, and depending on what restaurant you order it from or whose house you're at, it can taste fairly different. My husband will not eat any other picadillo besides his grandmother's. Consider it somewhat like Italian meatballs, with loyalty that runs deep. So a few years ago I suppose I made it my personal mission to recreate this dish, and I'm proud to say it's eaten regularly (and raved about) in our household. He says it will be a dish that I will be making him until we are old, just so he can remember his grandmother after she is gone. And really, is there a better compliment? A way to a man's heart may be through his stomach, but I think maybe the way to a cook's heart is through praising her dishes.tostones fried plantain cuban Something to know about Cuban food, which is commonly misunderstood, is that it is not spicy. There are several spices used, yes, but there is no.. fire. If you live in most of America, when you think latin food, most often it conjures up delicious memories of chips and salsa with some tongue-burning picadillo recipe cubanenchiladas. Cuban food is in another culinary league. Keyword being 'comfort', and almost all dishes meant to be served family style, it has influences of tropical flavors but also deep rooted remnants of Spanish culture from the beginning. Olives and other rich ingredients blend with fresh citrus, exotic fruits, and hearty starches to create dishes that aren't necessarily the craziest thing you've ever eaten but something you can't forget and could eat over and over again. And we can't forget the island mentality. This molasses quality of time has permeated every facet of the culture that has become "Miami Time" and South Florida. Dinner is eaten late here, 8 or 9, and a night is not complete without leisure. Whether your vice is rum, cafecito (coffee), a cigar, or mojito lime mint recipe moscato cubanjust music and chatting outside, life (and food) is very much about pleasure. Below you'll find recipes for authentic Cuban picadillo, tostones (fried green plantains), and the perfect summertime accompaniment - mojitos. A word about the mojitos and Mirassou: Last week I attended an amazing blogger event in Miami hosted by the SITS girls and sponsored by Mirassou wines. Along with inspirational advice for women and building a business, I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Tiffany Romero and Francesca Banducci and of course - tasting wine with a food pairing from David Mirassou himself and Chophouse 305(Thank you again to all!)! Of course being pregnant, I couldn't indulge, but taste just enough to know I would be a lfietime addict of Mirassou's moscato. Although I love a good red with the right flavors, nothing beats the heat and humidity here like a light, sweet sip of bubbles. I actually have to admit that I stopped to buy a bottle of it on my way home from the event. I had planned to mix it with some soda water, ice, and fresh fruit to serve as a cool sangria (with less than 2% alcohol, making this second trimester mama-of-three-to-be happy to enjoy a few sips). But what's more refreshing than lime and mint in a mojito? Did I mention it's already 90 degrees here? Given, I omitted the rum in my serving and used more sparkling water than moscato, but the sweet addition was a perfect twist on the classic and a huge hit with the rest of the drinking-age crowd in our house.    


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