Ask4Recovery - How do I pick myself back up after a lapse or a relapse?

3 years ago

Hello friends! Today’s ‘Ask’…

How do I pick myself back up after a lapse or a relapse?

This is never easy, but first of all, give yourself credit for wanting to pick yourself back up and get out of the self-destructive mindset. Whether it is a lapse or a full on relapse, it is a very scary and dangerous place to be. The disease of addiction wants us dead and will do everything in its power to take us to a dark, scary, and lonely place.

Before I fully committed to my program of recovery and surrendered, I was living in one of those dark and scary places. I had no idea what it meant to connect. Now, I see that connection and my disease are indirectly correlated. More connection means less time for my eating disorder and ‘stinking thinking.’ I see relapses happen on a constant basis in and out of the rooms and each time, those that decide to pick themselves back up know another way of living is possible. A way of life that is fulfilling, gratifying, and complete. That happens when we live in the solution. In a lapse or relapse, we are living in the problem, taking our will and way back and forgetting the selfless nature of living that is so important.

Picking yourself back up is a choice. You will never lose the power of choice as much as our addiction likes to tell us we don’t have one. Reaching out, as hard as it can be, is imperative. It helps us get outside ourselves and connect back with our true and authentic selves. It is always possible to come back home and that means awakening into our lives and out of the place a relapse takes us to.

How have you picked yourself back up after a lapse or relapse? What works for you? Let us know and join the movement!

Sending love,


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