Ask4Recovery - How do I let go of FOMO (fear of missing out)?

4 years ago

Hello friends! Today’s ‘Ask’…

How do I let go of FOMO (fear of missing out)?

FOMO almost ate me alive. I convinced myself that I needed to go out in the intensity that I did because of this fear. I did not want to miss out on anything. This certainly fed into my addictions and left me constantly wanting more. I now look at FOMO and almost laugh. It was all in my head. All an illusion. There is no fear. All that I have and need is directly inside of me. The more I base my decisions and actions off of fear, the farther I am for the person I was put here to be. The farther I am from my true and authentic self.

For me, FOMO is nothing more than resisting reality. Nothing more than being unsettled and discontent with the life I am living. In each moment I am truly present and awake in my life, I am missing out on absolutely nothing. I am tapping into the infinite amounts of everything I have inside of me and moving farther and farther away from FOMO. There are certainly times when FOMO will pop into my stream of consciousness. I think about my life in NYC and compare it to my life here in Miami and start to think I am missing out. In those moments, I have a powerful tool. That is faith and trust and the knowledge that I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

How do you let go of FOMO? What works for you? Let us know and join the Ask4Recovery movement with me!

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