The Art of Focusing

4 years ago

As I sit here trying to write about focusing and staying focused, I realize that I am doing everything to distract myself from focusing on my writing! That's why focusing and staying focused is very hard for us to do but an important step in successful and happy in life.  Anyone can learn how to focus: half the battle is accepting that we control if we focus or not!  How many times when you have started a task that you didn't want to do or that you perceived as hard did you let your mind day dream or even worst did something else and just blew off what you "had" to do.  Then what always happens later is you feel bad that you didn't get done what you wanted to do. For me when that happens I always feel bad that I wasted my time or lost the time to do a productive project or lost sight of the present moment. The secret to focusing is to make it a habit, a part of you, or put more truly a part of your being.  Embed the habit of focusing so deeply you that you don't even have to think about focusing you just automatically do it with ease!


Here are five simple easy steps to help me make focusing part of my being.


1. Make a list of what you want to get done. Start at first with a small list in a limited time frame, a few hours, a morning then after you master this time make a larger list expanding out to a day, then a week, then a month, a year, five years: you get the idea.  Start small to be successful.  Pile all your successes on each other to feel accomplished at reaching all your goals! I like to have a weekly list that I break down into days so I always focus on my list for the day. My further out list, month, year, five year, are really my goals which are easily accomplished is you break then down into small lists or tasks!

2. Keep your list front and center.  Refer to it during the time frame that you have set.  Put it on paper, in your phone, whatever works for you but keep your list handy. I hate sports analogies but here goes, keep you eye on the ball!

3. Check your to dos off when you are finished.  And very important celebrate that you did it.  Feel good and remember how good it feels to accomplish your goal.

4. Keep the momentum going don't just do it once or twice make it part of your day which will make it part of your week, month, year and more. Then it becomes a habit effortlessly part of your being!

5. Remember to be present. Focusing is just another word for living in the present moment. To be present in all you do, an active participant, not just a spectator.  


Using these simple steps has helped me focus to achieve the goals and tasks that an important to me.  And so important always celebrate your successful.  Feel so good about what your have accomplished which reinforces the habit of staying focused!

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