Are You a Writer or a Blogger?

4 years ago

SKU 10662648e commerceElsa Peretti Sterling Silver retractable penI was perusing the Yeah Write website yesterday after trying, and ultimately failing, to sign up for their NaBloPoMo Grid. I was, unfortunately, a couple of days late in submitting my blog. In my attempts at tackling their fun but complicated (for this short-bus web user) site, it occurred to me that while I consider myself to be a writer – one that is published (and not “self-published”), I’m not so sure if I’m a “blogger”.  One could argue that by definition if you “blog” then you’re a “blogger” as the act itself, by default, offers the label.  Just as, I drive a car therefore I’m a driver. Except there’s always that blurry gray area when it comes to certain activities that can result in one becoming successful or exceptional at what they *do*.  I know how to swim, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I should add “swimmer” to my resume.

Yeah Write describes itself as “a writer’s community for writers who blog and bloggers who write”. Say what, Scooby? Wrap your head around that one about ten times and tell me if your brain has started to melt. Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely intrigued with their site. I subscribed as a member despite not being able to participate in their NaBloPoMo grid, as they offer other really cool writing opportunities and, from what I can tell, a small but dedicated group of members and staff who put taking writing seriously into a cauldron of fun and magically stir it all around. I could see myself participating and actually liking it. Last night I became excited about the opportunity to work my writing hand again and to be part of a community that is still relatively small but actively growing.

Then the inevitable occurred:: (continue...



They sicken of the calm who know the storm - Dorothy Parker

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