Are You Suffering from a BlogHer Conference Hangover?

5 years ago

It's Monday morning, the first weekday after the end of the annual BlogHer conference.  You probably got home yesterday at some point, and the contents of your suitcase are in piles all over your bedroom floor (unless you're one of those people who already has your laundry done, and in that case, I just want to tell you how jealous I am right now of your housekeeping skills).  The business cards are in several piles at the bottom of your purse.  You've passed out the swag to the kids and crumpled up your marked-up copy of the conference schedule.  And that's when it hits you:

You are suffering from a scorching case of Conference Hangover.

It's that hard landing back into reality when you return to a space where you don't have time to write and the ideas aren't as free-flowing as they were at the conference anyway.  Where you have to organize all the thoughts you took away from the panels and actually put them into action.  And more than that, you met so many people and you want to keep in touch with all of them, but you feel awkward sending an email that says, "hey, we just met at BlogHer and... well... I wanted to keep in touch because I am really really really missing the conference right now."

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You know how everyone has a hangover remedy they swear by?  This is my Conference Hangover Remedy to get you over this first Monday back:

  • Business Cards: Start by organizing your business cards.  Hopefully you made notes on the back as you went along to remind yourself which card went with which person.  If you didn't, now is a good time to put them into piles -- new friends, new blogs you want to read, good contacts to file away for possible future use, etc.
  • Email: Even if you feel sort of strange writing someone you just met out of the blue, do it.  There's a good chance they're in the same space, wanting to keep in contact with you but feeling shy about reaching out.  You don't have to send a long note; just let them know how nice it was to meet them at the conference and how you're looking forward to reading their blog.  Hopefully they'll write back and a new friendship will continue until you meet back up again next summer for BlogHer '13.
  • Twitter: Twitter notifications are great and have probably already let you know new people who added you as a follower during the conference.  Take this time to review their feed and follow them back if you're so inclined.  And go through your business cards, adding new people to your Twitter feed if they've included their handle on the card.
  • Post: Write a post containing everything you want to remember from the event.  And then use that #BlogHer12 hashtag and tweet it so you can find others who are writing about the conference.  Reading all those posts is like getting an extra day of conference from the comfort of your own home.  Plus, if you comment on other people's posts, you may even find yourself with more people coming over to read your blog.  Win-win!
  • Pictures: Download any photos you took and upload them to a site such as Flickr so you can share them with others.  And peruse other people's photos, reliving Sparklecorn, VOTY, and random encounters in the hotel lobby.
  •  And finally, let it all out in the comment section below.  Who is missing BlogHer '12?  

Do me a favour: after you leave your comment, read the rest of the comment section below.  Jump over to a new person's blog; someone you didn't meet while at the conference and meet them now.  See, the conference continues at home!

Melissa writes Stirrup Queens and Lost and Found. Her novel about blogging is Life from Scratch.

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