The "Are You Ready to Have a Baby" Quiz!

6 years ago

Ahh, remember the good old days where you could smash someone’s heart or declare your undying love, based solely on the Cosmo “Are You Compatible or Not” quiz? Yeah, being 29 was fun.

Well, moving on, we’re grown-ups now. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still rely on quizzes to make major life decisions. Rather than borrow one of these professionally assembled exams from a low-rung editorial assistant, I thought I’d draft up one of my own. Full of the questions I think are REALLY important when assessing your potential parental fitness.

After all, everyone is always carrying on about what an excruciating challenge raising kids is, how it’s the most important job in the world. I couldn’t agree more! Parents and teachers might be the only things standing between us a planet full of jerks. So why are so many people allowed to enter into it with absolutely no qualifications?

Quite frankly, I’m not sure every potential parent is up to the challenge. In fact, in cases of accidental pregnancies, we have some pretty clear evidence of poor planning, an inability to evaluate consequences, and weak impulse control. These are the people raising the next generation? No wonder IKEA is such a nightmare on Saturdays. [I’m just kidding, Oops Baby Parents – and I’m pretty sure half of us wouldn’t be walking around without you.]

Well I, for one, am tired of this laissez-faire attitude towards admitting just any old crackpot into the parenting club. So I’m demanding that all you readers pass the Maybe Baby, Maybe NOT quiz before moving forward with your family planning. So limber up, crack your knuckles, take a shot – whatever you do to get into peak mental form – and click the new Quiz Time!tab at the top of my site ( to get started.

Good luck – you’re gonna need it!

[Please don’t ask me what my own score was. Thanks.]

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