Are You An Idiot? One Best-Selling Author Thinks You Are.

as the pitbull of personal development, author and internationally acclaimed
speaker, Larry
, is a unique character by his own admission.  He wears
designer Western shirts and boots in explosive colors.  He adorns himself with
silver jewelry including pierced earrings. And he doesn’t soft-pedal his
message. In fact, a lot of people describe him as caustic.

the unusual packaging and communication style, Larry is on a mission to help
people clean up what he calls “life’s messes.”  His first three books:  “You’re Broke Because You Want to Be”, “It’s Called Work for a Reason”, and “Shut Up, Stop Whining & Get a Life,”  have been
listed on the New York Times and Wall Street Journal Best-Seller lists. 

week, Larry launches another book destined to fly off the shelves.  “People Are Idiots and I Can Prove It:  The 10 Ways You Are
Sabotaging Yourself and How You Can Overcome Them
.”   You need to put
this one your must read list.  Why?  Because Larry articulates the truth most of
us don’t have the courage to address.  He says people say they want a lot of
different things such more money, more customers, to be healthier or to have
more opportunities.  The bottom line, however, is people really want what they
have because their actions and words have produced those results. 

that makes you stop and think.  We all know people who do stupid things to
sabotage their success in business, in their personal lives, even with their own
health and well-being.  It’s easy to see what someone else is doing that’s
preventing them from achieving their goals. 

his new book, Larry forces you to step back and face the truth about your life.
What stupid things are you doing?  Larry’s goal is to make you (no one else)
responsible for your results.  He helps you recognize where you are being an
idiot so you can take action to fix it.  He wants you to be uncomfortable. 
“Change happens when you feel uncomfortable,” Larry explains. 

a personal note, I think Larry is a great guy who doesn’t pull any punches. 
There’s never a hidden agenda with Larry because you know exactly where he
stands.  And despite his amazing success as a speaker, author and host of A&E’s
Big Spender
program, he doesn’t cop an attitude.  He’s the genuine
thing and he wants to help others succeed. 

my opinion, you’re an “idiot” if you don’t read Larry’s new book.  During these
tough economic times, we don’t need to be wasting time on stupid things that
interfere with our success.  Let’s fix it and move ahead. 

more:  Listen to my interviews with Larry Winget on
You’ll also find Larry’s “Ten Rules for Business Success.” 

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