Are You Hanging Out Online with the Rest of Your Demographic?

5 years ago

Ever look around your favourite social media site and note the people you find there?  Are you where the rest of your demographic is located, or are you the odd one out?  And is being the odd one out beneficial since you stand out in a crowd? An infographic on the BlogHerald recently broke down who is where, and what we can learn from the type of person who is drawn to each site.

By the numbers, Facebook came in as the most popular site with 901 million users.  They blew away the next closest site -- Twitter -- who has only 555 million users.  Which begs the question: if people want to have the farthest reach, especially when trying to build a brand, should they focus on Facebook or is it better to be a big fish in a much smaller pond such as Pinterest (which only has 11.7 million users).

More interesting was to discover which sites leaned more towards male or female users.  About 2/3rds of Facebookers are male, while women outnumbered men on Twitter (57% to 43%).  Again, would it be beneficial or detrimental to be a man on Pinterest, a site which is overwhelmingly female (68.2%)?  If you want to reach women, is it better to focus on Pinterest or to go for the overall larger numbers on Facebook even if women are in the minority on that site? (Facebook has about 360 million women where as the more female-heavy Pinterest only has about 7.5 million women.)

Age also held a few surprises.  People in my age group -- 35 to 44 -- were overwhelmingly on Pinterest, Linkedin, and Twitter, but not so much on Facebook where they comprise only 18% of the population.  What did surprise me was that Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest were the most popular sites with those over 55.  Twitter moves fairly quickly and while Linkedin is obviously beneficial to job networking, I thought that Facebook would have a bigger draw as a social media communication option.  Facebook, it turns out, is most popular with 18 to 25-year-olds.

According to the infographic, I should be spending the most time on Pinterest and Twitter if I want to find other women around my age.  Unfortunately, I spend the least amount of time on those two sites and more time on personal blogs (which weren't included in the infographic) and Facebook.

Take a look at the BlogHerald's infographic, and then let us know, are you hanging out online where the rest of your demographic is located, or are you the odd woman out?

This is the start of Tweet Week!  Come back all week for tips and posts about Twitter.

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