Are you giving love to your sister Divas? Take the "Don't Be Hate'n" Challenge!

6 years ago

Ok, we’ve all done it. You sit down in the cafeteria to enjoy your tuna sandwich and then a beautiful, thin, young woman goes prancing by and you think, “Thanks for ruining my lunch, b*@tch.” Maybe not in such strong language, but you know what I mean. Admit it! You’ve done it. Why are women in constant competition with each other?

This negativity stems from a feeling of inadequacy which turns into envy. Envy is a form of violence turned inward. Why don’t we celebrate beauty and youth? This beautiful girl will soon age, and when we were young, we certainly didn’t need mean, older biddies sending us negative energy.

As women we need to do a better job of supporting each other, and personally, we need to be kinder to ourselves. When we celebrate beauty we are, in essence, asking for more beauty in our lives. If we reject beauty we get less beauty and more ugliness.

Observe yourself in your personal reactions. Isn’t it interesting how we are constantly trying to compare ourselves to other women? If we assess ourselves as less thin, less beautiful, or less powerful than another woman, we feel inadequate, resentful and bitter. If we meet another woman and for whatever reason, we feel we’re more beautiful, thin or powerful, we may find ourselves acting in a condescending or dismissive way.

If you watch yourself for a few days, you may be surprised to find just how true this is. Try observing yourself, but then try to “give love” to other women no matter who they are. The rich and the powerful need love just as much as the poor and downtrodden. As an added benefit when you give love to others, you’re really giving it to yourself and you’ll start to see the world (and women) are a lot more beautiful than you may have first thought.

Let’s celebrate all of our women sisters and in so doing create more love and abundance for ourselves, our mothers, our daughters and the world. Go Divas!

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